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  • monday morning encouragement: when things changeĀ 

    I feel like I’ve been reliving the same day over the past few days. My beautiful first niece was born & instantly my world seems to revolve around her.  She’s taken over my camera roll, filled my thoughts, & occupied any spare time I have. A time when change fills you. I feel like I’ve […]

  • monday morning encouragement: change the inevitable

       Somethings are inevitable, like Mondays. They happen with no question or say. And so do things like negative thoughts & bad moods. We don’t really want those things in our lives. But days & emotions are inevevitable & it’s what we do with them that change things up. So, change the inevitable. Choose to […]

  • time’s change

    Sweater/ Forever 21 Leggings/ Burlington Coat Factory similar Blouse/ Forever 21 Booties/ Kohlms similar It’s amazing to me just how much things can change in just one year. Everything from your appearance to your style (hair & clothes) to where you’re at in life, your job, your attitude, & even your whole outlook on life. […]

  • red, white, & two

    This past weekend as a country we simultaneously celebrated the birth of our country. It means so many different things to so many different people. To some, it means BBQ’s, pool parties, parades, hot dogs, beer, fireworks, & actual birthdays. Sadly for others, it means remembering a loved one you’ve lost & who isn’t here […]

  • Hair Has Style Too

    One of my favorite things about having a fashion blog and taking outfit pictures just about every day is that you get to see how your style and self change over time. One particular change that has been fun to watch is my hair! I seem to have had many different hair styles over the […]

  • Fall Waves to the Summer Faves

    The first week of September has officially come and gone now. It’s still hot here in Reno but we know that the fall breeze is too near. Let me just tell you, I love Fall! I love the color changing of the leaves, I love the new beginnings of school and adventure, and the slow […]

  • Caring for the careless

    Good afternoon from Reno! I have listened to Taylor Swift nonstop since last night and I honestly just cannot stop listening! You see, I absolutely hate county music and will not under any circumstance listen to it voluntarily. My coworker Brittney makes us listen to it all day long at work, gross. I just don’t […]