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  • green stripes

    So I told you that my entire room is a mess, right? Well, it is because my dad is painting my room & putting in hardwood floors. So all of my clothes are just like thrown on top of each other in a spare room with mountains of shoes & scarves & jackets surrounding them. […]

  • Peek-a-boo Layers

    So last week I wore one of my favorite black and white polka dot pieces, a cotton summer dress. I hadn’t worn it since the middle of summer because after I washed it, it shrank. But I really wanted to wear it and since it’s colder now I thought it’d go great with tights! Except, […]

  • I <3 H&M

    Last week I saw a tweet that H&M was having a fall sale where a bunch of their clothes were dollars and dollars off online. So of course, me being me, I checked it out! FYI , I love that H&M opened their online store here in the US earlier this summer and that Reno […]

  • Mail day and F21

    I love mail day! And no it is not everyday for me… For me, mail day is when my online shopping orders come in. Yay! I used to not order online too often because I am the type of girl that HAS to try on everything. I never really know how something is gonna fit […]

  • Under Tees Please

    My most favorite trend lately has been to wear a crop top tee under my sleeveless dresses! The style takes a normal summer dress and opens up so many ways to wear it and make it look different. I have been invited to 8 weddings this summer, 3 of which I am in, and I […]

  • Trunks and trinkets

    Today I am going to show you my favorite little spot in my room! I always love rearranging the decorations and furniture in my room. I’m in the middle of starting the remodeling process of the entire room, but I couldn’t wait for a change any longer! So this weekend I rearranged everything and reorganized […]

  • Back into the swing of things!

    Wassup? Haha I have not posted something since November! That’s crazy. And unbelievable and I’m sorry! Life just got carried away! Hosting a fashion blog is super time consuming. I mean the fashion part isn’t hard… I mean I do get dressed everyday. But the whole picking out the outfits and finding the time to […]

  • Seven days of hairstyles

    So this last week I challenged myself to try and do my hair differently for seven days straight. With having to leave for work around seven every morning I normally just blow my hair dry real fast or throw it in a top knot and rush out the door. And I’ve always either just curled […]

  • A Muster of Yellow

    I’m back!!! I have finally had some extra time to put some outfits together and take pictures to put up here to show you all. I have been so busy with school and work and a brand new internship (yay!) that I feel like I’ve hardly had time to breathe. This weekend I am getting […]

  • Last Week and Some Inspiration

    So last weekend I was sick, sick as a dog. No fun. But I posted my outfit pictures anyways. Yes, even I dress “cute” when I’m sick. Haha it tends to make me feel better. So anyways I posted my outfit picture last Sunday on my fashion Instagram (@fashbyabb) and tagged #sundaybest as one of […]