what 2018 looked like & how i hope the new year will be

A year is a long time. So much can happen in 12 months & it’s easy to forget. Blogging has always been a way that I have documented my life & where I’ve been since I was 19. I’ve written parts of my story on the internet for literally anyone to read, I’ve invited everyoneContinue reading “what 2018 looked like & how i hope the new year will be”

summer into fall transition pieces with macy’s

Summer is always such a fun season. Even as an adult it’s a time where you go on so many adventures just enjoying the weather & the late evening light. But the heat gets to you eventually, & you can’t help but dream about Fall. Layers, booties, denim jackets, & dark colors are about toContinue reading “summer into fall transition pieces with macy’s”

monday morning encouragement series

   Monday mornings are always such a drag around these parts. They’re my hardest work day of the week right now & it’s not because I’ve just come out of the freedom of the weekend. It’s just a tough mixture of work I deal with on Mondays & by that evening I’m usually really upset,Continue reading “monday morning encouragement series”


Holy bananas. Can you believe it? My blog has gotten 10,000 (& counting) views! I’m so humbled by that. I can’t believe some one or groups of someone’s would want to take a look at my outfits THAT many times. I can’t thank you all enough for the support & love I receive every day!Continue reading “10,000 views”

14 things I love

Guys. I wore colors yesterday. Bright happy loud lovey, dovey colors!! But I only did it because today is Valentine’s day & I wanted an outfit to go with today’s love filled theme. I think I pretty much nailed it too!! Today is all about love & heart shaped things & flowers & sappy cardsContinue reading “14 things I love”

Fall Waves to the Summer Faves

The first week of September has officially come and gone now. It’s still hot here in Reno but we know that the fall breeze is too near. Let me just tell you, I love Fall! I love the color changing of the leaves, I love the new beginnings of school and adventure, and the slowContinue reading “Fall Waves to the Summer Faves”