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  • 25 wishes for you

    25 wishes for you

    Today is my 25th birthday. It’s not an old age, but it’s not a young one either. It is wiser than the ages I’ve been before. It’s an age that is supposed to come with maturity, life experience, & is not an excuse for behavior anymore. It’s a year that marks growing up & growing […]

  • 12 months of rae

    Today my niece turns 1 year old! I can’t believe it’s already time for us to celebrate her first birthday. This year has honestly come & gone so fast. I can remember the day she was born so vividly as if it literally happened yesterday. I documented the day  from beginning to end & shared it […]

  • the day of rae: a black & white photo gallery 

    July 21st, 2016.  The day of Raegan Lynn Macaluso. See the love & beauty unfold below.  Rae, you are loved. From generation to generation. You are loved, Rae.  — abbey kay *brought to you by a girl who feels so lucky to have captured the day of raegan’s birth & the pure joy received by […]

  • an ode to being 22 & to hoping they’ll still like me when I’m 23…

     Today is my birthday & I am now 23. It’s weird to be this older age, yet still so young. A lot has happened this last year; tons of things that were welcoming & a few things that were completely uninviting. This year had it’s moments where it pushed me & shaped me, & one’s […]

  • laugh a little: because tomorrow’s my birthday 

       Tomorrow is my birthday, & the greatest gift of all is laughter. So if you want to get me a gift, then just read this post & laugh away. I feel like the Internet grabbed these thoughts straight out of my head. Except for the ones about food, those ones they took from my […]

  • red, white, & two

    This past weekend as a country we simultaneously celebrated the birth of our country. It means so many different things to so many different people. To some, it means BBQ’s, pool parties, parades, hot dogs, beer, fireworks, & actual birthdays. Sadly for others, it means remembering a loved one you’ve lost & who isn’t here […]

  • pinterest outfit inspiration: cream, white, & black

    Let’s talk about another Pinterest outfit inspiration look that I did a few weeks back. Honestly, I’ve been slacking in this segment of my blog because when I commit to wearing some preconceived outfit I tend to get all tense & feel like I’m forced inside an outfit box. Anybody else feel me? Haha, well […]

  • Nerd Cupcakes

    The other night I attempted to make vanilla cupcakes with little rainbow Nerd candies baked inside. My coworker Dominic came up with this crazy idea one day and challenged me to do it. So I do and let me tell you… They are seriously the best cupcakes I have ever made! They kind of tasted […]