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  • monday morning encouragement

    monday morning encouragement

    Are you truly yourself? Think about it. Are you always authentically the person you know were made to be? I’m not talking about those random moments when we get nervous, we say something we’ve never said before, or we agree with a friend saying we liked an old movie even though we’ve never actually seen […]

  • monday morning encouragement: be confident in who you areĀ 

    Life is a long stretch of time filled with highs & lows & all sorts of in betweens. It’s filled with hate & love. It’s filled with aggression & peace. It’s filled with so many humans all trying to figure it out on their own.  Give people chances.  Make opportunities happen. Be confident in who […]

  • monday morning encouragement: donut be ashamed of who you are

       Today is Monday. And as you head out into your day reflecting on the weekend, I want you to know one thing: don’t be ashamed of who you are. Or ya know, in my love language, donut be ashamed of who you are. Many people will not be just like you. Which is good, […]