Hi, I’m Abbey Kay! I’m a blogger of 10 years turned influencer who has the eye for creating high quality content. I have an intense love for wearing outfits & taking a photo of them because to me it feels like capturing a happy memory. I believe that a confident presence can be born from an outfit that you feel good wearing. And I’m here to encourage women to dress & feel most like themselves in everyday looks.

I enjoy pour over black coffee made from home & a specialty latte made in a local coffee shop. My heart dances when you find pieces to add to your closet that you swear you dreamed up in your head first. I love plants thriving at home & myself thriving due self-reflection & therapy. My eyes appreciate every single detail of good branding & aesthetic whether that comes from a beauty product, restaurant plating, interior design, or perfect lighting.

My hometown & current city of Reno, Nevada has always played background to my outfit shots as I hold the title of the “first one to do it in town”. It’s where my dreams were created before I knew they even existed. My dream is to


Starting at just 19 after having a fiery love for styling outfits, I committed to sharing my looks every single day online without missing a day for over 3 years. After building a following & without seeing the true vision of influence yet, Abbey Kay was born. I continued to share my outfits, where I bought each piece, & started expressing my love for beauty & handmade products from both big brands & small businesses. Over the years as trends changed, so did many other things in my life, including my style, my measurements, & also, my perspective for having live through some real life heartaches that no one prepared me for.

Overnight I shifted from solely talking about fashion to choosing to add in encouragement about real life struggles & vulnerability & as a result created a space where both could exist. As a person who has been given the privilege of a platform, I wanted to expose myself & show up so that others might feel seen. I believe that truthfully sharing our stories is what connects us as humans & bonds us in an appreciative way.

I personally know the struggle of feeling alone & broken, crying & feeling hopeless, & having life hit you with uncontrollable circumstances that make you reevaluate everything. I also know the everyday seemingly unimportant battle of clothes not being able to fit because of your size, not finding brands that carry your size, or having the hopes that a top or pant will fit & sadly it just not working. But I can also highlight the true joys that life is abundantly filled with when the tears dry. And I know the smile that crosses your face when you finally find an outfit from a brand that understands your body in all it’s curvy glory. Life is always a beautifully bold blend of both.

I feel it’s my mission to see & hear others & to encourage & uplift them in anyway that I can. Join me on the journey of loving yourself at every stage in life, no matter your size or shape by confidently dressing yourself to look & feel your best.



As a content creator I aim to come alongside your dream to capture the still beauty of your product or brand in a way that fully tells it’s story. Having worked with brands like Reno-Tahoe, OREO, West Elm, Kashi, & more.


As an influencer for the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of growing with the industry from the start & have created a version of it that fits my lifestyle & who I choose to be. I am loyal to my favorite brands that best serve my body, shape, style, aesthetic, & moral/beauty needs. Join the list of Whole Foods x Yelp, Macy’s, GOOD AMERICAN, Nisolo, Reebok, Justfab, & more by working with me to create something great!


Let’s work together! I would love to help showcase the beauty & dream behind your brand.

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