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I’ll admit that I’m not one of those people who only uses all-natural products. I mean, I’m definitely all about eliminating chemicals & all the bad stuff that can be found in tons of products in your home. But honestly, I still have my favorite beauty items, like make-up & texture spray, that I just can’t give up! Thankfully here in Reno we have a local plant based apothecary shop known as Pantry Products that makes the best chemical free products like hand soap, facial masks & scrubs, baby products, lip balms, hand lotions & so much more!

I first started using Pantry Products back in 2015 & am happy to say that a ton of their products have replaced the ones I’d buy in stores. Shop owner, Michelle, & her team hand make all the products in the shop with ingredients like cocoa powder, essential oils, cocoa powder, cornstarch, & sugar. My favorite thing about the products from Pantry Products besides their good for you components is that their scents aren’t overwhelming. I use at least 3-5 Pantry Products items every single day & I’m so excited to share with you all today my favorite ones I’ve been using for years & even a few I just fell in love with! Let’s dive into all the goodness that Pantry Products has to offer.


Dry Shampoo – Pantry Products didn’t originally make this product…until I asked for it! She whipped up a sample bottle for me & another customer to try & since we loved it, she’s been selling it ever since! I use mine at night before I go to bed so that it has all night to soak up the oil in my hair. I just sprinkle it all over my roots, rub it into my head, & wake up without having to wash my hair in the mornings! It works wonders, plus it smells like chocolate which is alright by me!

Lip Balm – I don’t usually use a chapstick or lip balm throughout the day, but I use it like clock work in the mornings when I get out of the shower & at night before I go to bed. Pantry Products makes an Earl Grey Lip balm that is my favorite, but I also really love their Grapefruit + Mint flavor. They have tons of more options & even do holiday & seasonal combos too.

Deodorant – Natural deodorant was one of my first natural products I was wanting to switch over when I first started using natura products from Pantry. I love the Lavendar + Ylang Ylang deodorant & have been using it the past 3 years. They make it in other scents too, but this profile is by far my favorite.



Honey + Lemon Face + Exfoliating Scrub – This is hands down my most favorite product that they recently started making. The honey & lemon scents are so sweet & brightening & I love how smooth & soft your skin feels after using this product. I’ll also rub some of this scrub on my hands before I rinse my face off & it leaves your hands feeling ultra hydrated too. I highly recommend this product!

Force Field – This roller ball product is amazing for when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s full of just the right blend of essential oils to help you breathe & feel better during colds & stuffy noses. I just dab a little on my upper lip right under my nose so that I can breathe it in while I’m sick & it helps so much!

Shave Gel – Cutest little container I’ve ever seen & I love the Grapefruit + Mint scent too. A just a little pump of this gel goes a long way & I love that it’s just another all natural product that they make that you can use at home instead of the store bought chemical filled ones!


Air + Linen Spray – This is probably my favorite products ever. Think Febreeze, but no chemicals & it smells way better. I’m super sensitive to scents & am prone to headaches if certain products are too strong, but this Lavendar + Lemon scent smells so good. I spray this product on my bed sheets before I make it every day & in my room on my rugs, pillows, & in the air after I clean it.

Hand Soap – There is just something so satisfying about using natural hand soaps. My favorite hand soap scent from Pantry Products is the Orange + Clove, but the Grapefruit + Mint one is amazing as well. It’s the perfect texture & consistency in a soap & maybe other people don’t pay attention or notice something like that, but I certainly do. She also makes bar soaps if that’s more your thing. Also, I just love how cute her packaging & containers are because the hand soap fit in so well with the decor in my bathrooms & kitchen. 

Body Polish – Living in the desert is tough on your skin & over the past few years I have been big on taking care of my skin & hydrating it properly, especially at the start of each day, The Body Polish is essentially a full body, hand, & facial scrub that can be used all over to exfoliate & hydrate your skin. I love to use it as the last step in my shower routine. I scrub it all over, rinse it off, & leave the shower with butter-like skin! My favorite scents are the Cocoa + Coffee & the new Coconut + Hibiscus.


Lip Lustre – An all-natural lip gloss, who knew that was even possible? I am in LOVE with this lip lustre that is a newer product. It’s just so shimmery, not sticky at all, & it works so well. I absolutely recommend this product to every girl out there!

Cold + Congestion Vapor Spray – I am super against medicine when I get sick. My remedy whenever I’m sick is just drinking orange juice for that Vitamin C kick. But this spray from Pantry is perfect! I just spray it in the air, breathe it in, & instantly feel better. I also spray it on my pillow & sheets when I’m not feeling well & it helps me fall asleep whenever I’m sick.

Happy Cramper – The time of the month is never fun to deal with & if you’re one of the few who have to deal with cramps too it just outright sucks. But roll a little bit of this product on your ovaries & like magic your cramps are soothed. I am not messing around either. I make sure to always have a full bottle of it on hand when I know I’m about to start my period. Michelle is a genius with whatever she put in this product because it also works for my lower back pain that I randomly get too!


I started using Pantry Products & fell in love with the simplicity, aesthetic, variety, all-natural ingredients, & honestly, the fact that these products actually work well! I think some people get worried that when using all-natural products you’ll lose some of the quality of what their supposed to do. But at Pantry, I feel like you get the best bang for your buck with pretty products that are good for you to use & that actually do their jobs! They make tons more products that I haven’t even mentioned like Laundry Soap, Clay Face Masks, Body Wash Hand Creams & Salves, Dog Wash, Yoga Mat Spray, Soy Candles, Beard Oil, & seriously so much more!

Pantry Products has two Reno locations & are working on a third location coming to Detroit soon. You can also shop them products online as well. I love Pantry Products so much & ever since using Pantry Products I have been a die hard fan that can’t talk about them enough. A few years ago I shared some photos of their products in my Instagram feed & the owner Michelle loved my work & would always repost them. So after becoming more than just customer I asked her if she needed photos taken of her products & in 2016 she became my first product photography client! I have loved supporting this company from it’s beginning & I love that in turn Michelle supported the start of my own! So whenever you see a photo from Pantry Products, I most likely took it! So head to their website to see more of my work!

I wouldn’t share about Pantry if I didn’t truly love what they make. I really love what they make! I even have my entire family using their products. My sister-in-laws love their hand soaps & body polishes & my mom love’s their Gardener’s Hand Salve that have healed her hands from harsh dryness. I promise that if you check them out & try one of their many products they offer then you’ll fall in love with them too!


Always know that kindness & conversation goes a long way.  I am so grateful for walking into Pantry Products randomly one day almost four years ago because I walked out with more than just some great products. I left with an open door to friendship, business, opportunities, & support from one of the greatest woman/business owner I have ever met!


– abbey kay


Be sure to follow Pantry Products on Instagram for weekly giveaways & a place to find more info about them & their products!



*brought to you by a girl who loves Pantry Products & all it’s given her over the years




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