what i buy on amazon using prime

What did we do before Amazon existed? Ya know, back when we actually had to go to stores to pick up things, instead of browsing a one stop shop from the comfort of our own home & waiting the arrival of your items in just two days. Seriously being an Amazon Prime member is the greatest thing ever. It’s so nice to be able to have everyday essentials sent straight to your doorstep without having to move a muscle. It’s also super convenient when you need something last minute for a vacation or party & you just don’t have time to go & get it. I order so many things from Amazon almost weekly so I thought I’d round up my favorite items from the site that I think you’ll love too!


Beauty Items

I’ve been buying beauty items on Amazon for a couple of years now. My long time favorite is this Jojoba oil that I’ve used as a moisturizer for my skin & hair, & an oil carrier for essential oils. I also buy my hand soaps & purple shampoo on Amazon too. Soapbox Soaps gives back through their company & this shampoo perfectly tones my blonde hair. I switched to using a wooden comb instead of a brush & I think works way better. My most recent favorite purchase on Amazon was checking out the jade roller trend. I’ve been using it for about a week & love the effects.

Tropical Vacation

When I went to Hawaii last September I needed a few last minute items that I just didn’t have to try & find. So I hopped on Amazon & was able to grab what I needed just days before we took off. I loved this striped swimsuit top I got last year, & I picked up this black one piece this year. They’re very nice quality & the price is totally worth it. I also wanted a simple bag & hat that I could use for the trip & this market bag & this hat were exactly what I wanted! But I’m currently loving this round bag & this off the shoulder swim suit.

Home Decor

When I first started blogging I purchased this white comforter to take the “typical” blogger flat lay photos. It was such a great price! I usually love to walk around stores to find items for my home, but Amazon has so many things that I really love! From copper wire baskets, to woven ones, & straw ones. They even have these adorable wooden boxes & ceramic planters, these triangle wall hanging ones are my favorite! I’m obsessed with the pillows they sell as well. I love these greenery themed ones & these velvet ones too!

Kitchen Tools

Amazon is a great place to find really amazing deals on items for your kitchen. Almost all of my coffee tools that I use everyday I have ordered off the site. I bought my coffee grinder, kettle, scale, & pour over online. My favorite kitchen tool that I have ever purchased is this emersion blender, it works for so many things! I have these copper bowls & this copper french press on my wishlist!

Electronic Finds

I love buying all my camera needs on Amazon. I’ve bought these reflectors, this tripod, these lens wipes, & this self timer remote for my photoshoots. I’ve also used these clamps for when I have to use different back drops. Otterbox phones cases are my favorite ones to use, & this black one has been my go to for years! Here’s a cheap camera strapwrist strap, & some lens cover options too.


Amazon is my go to site for when I need party decor & I have tons of ideas for my recent Ice Cream themed birthday party I help throw, & tons of ideas for an Adventure themed baby shower I hosted. I also will buy hard to find snack options on Amazon too.

You can shop all of the linked items above through my Amazon Influencer page. I’ll be adding more items every so often, either items I have, I want, or wish to order soon. So be sure to check back when I update this post & the Amazon page.



Always know that stylish item are worth saving up towards!

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who loves buying (almost) everything on Amazon






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