monday encouragement

Anyone else feel like the summertime is always just so busy? Maybe it’s just me & the fact that we have 6 family birthdays in the span of two months, or that I’ve had a newer addition coming to the family twice this summer, a family wedding last summer, & another little one who was born just two summers ago. From May until mid September things seem to always be constantly going in my life. It’s amazing & I’m grateful, but it definitely feels like the world get tossed on it’s side for a few weeks & I have to try & figure out which way is up. Sigh. Don’t you just sometimes feel like you need to hit a refresh button? I feel like I just need someone to fan me with a palm leaf for like a good five minutes so I can catch my breath & then I’ll be ready to go (or maybe that’s just because of the summer heat?). Do you ever feel like this?

Sometimes I think it’s okay to admit this. It’s okay to admit that we need a break, a breather, some time to reset, restart, or press pause. Most times that comes in the form of a vacation, but don’t those tend to make you more tired as well? I think we need the permission to know that it’s okay to take a vacation from our lives, in the middle of the week, by doing something simple to hit that refresh button. It can be something so simple, or something more luxurious & complex.

Pick up a word search book & do a few puzzles while you drink your morning coffee.

Plan a spa day on a Wednesday, or create a relaxing one at home while you watch the Bachelorette in peace & quiet.

Take the longer route home just to have a few more minutes to yourself.

Grab a coffee & your favorite magazine & enjoy both at the park for 20 minutes.

Take a few deep breathes in between responding to all of your emails.

Browse online & pick up a note pad or a coffee mug that will remind you to take it easy every once in awhile.

Life is so freakin’ busy. And yes, there are always dishes to be washed, laundry to be folded, houses to be cleaned, crafts to create, work to be done, dinner to be cooked, deadlines to be met, & people to spend time with, but taking even just an extra five minutes to yourself today, & even everyday is going to help so much in the productivity of your life & for the caring of your soul. We can’t run on empty, we can’t operate without rest, we can’t be refreshing to others if we are not refreshed ourselves.

You work so hard. You deserve a break & some time to just be. Find a way to add some refreshing moments into your life & schedule. If there’s time to get everything else done in your life, then there’s time for this too.


Always know that being kind to yourself will in turn help you be kind to others.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who has refreshed long enough & is ready to get back into the grind






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