monday morning encouragement

Feelin’ free. As if the words of others didn’t bring you down. Feelin’ free. As if you knew you could accomplish anything you put your heart, mind, & soul into. Feelin’ free. As in not caring about what others think & deciding to “do you’ instead. Feelin’ free. As in having the freedom to live the life you want, to love yourself as you are, to accept struggles as growth, to know that little moments are what matter most, to chase your dream for yourself, all while knowing that you have the power to make these things be true. Are you feelin’ free?

It’s so easy to compare yourself to every single person around. We have the internet now constantly blasting other’s lives in our faces & their dialogue screams a one-way perfection on how to live our lives. This should not be the case. You should not have to feel like you have to live your life inside one tiny box (or a bunch of squares) in order for your life to have purpose or meaning. We should have the freedom to feel valued & accomplished within ourselves. We should feel freedom in the life we are wanting to live & freedom in the person we are wanting to be. Your fulfillment should come from a source within, not from what you see & are told should fulfill you. Feelin’ free means that you are not just okay with who you are & where you’re at, but you’re actually satisfied with the life & opportunities you have been given. Are you feelin’ free today?

Feel free from body shaming & start loving yourself!

Feel free from comparison & know that you are doing an amazing job.

Feel free from those voices telling you that you can’t do something & let it fuel you to keep moving forward.

Feel free from the judgement that others cast upon you & know that they are broken humans too.

Don’t let the words of others suffocate you. You have better things & bigger moments in life that deserve to take your breath away. Instead, respond with kindness, know that their opinions don’t need to affect you, lift your head up higher, & remind yourself what feelin’ free actually feels like…

It means you are not bound by words of perception.

You are not tied down by negativity, or dirty looks, or rude jokes, or haters, or commentators, or anyone who is not on #yourteam.

Feelin’ free means you are free to be 100% yourself.

You’ve gained weight? Feel free in knowing that you should still love yourself regardless.

You made a mistake? Feel free in knowing that you can learn from this & true forgiveness exists.

You aren’t like everybody else? Feel free in knowing that life would be so boring if we were all the same.

Know you are free. When you start walking in the freedom that was given to you burdens are no longer heavy, life shines brighter, your world feels bigger, & you have the courage & the heart to help others start feelin’ free too. Don’t be the person who makes someone else feel like the possible is impossible. Be their encourager on a path towards feelin’ free.

I really want the best for you. I really want you to start living a life that is boundless. Think about the things that you allow in your life that are holding you back. I want to encourage you to free yourself from these things. Feelin’ free is such a great feeling, & I want that for you in every aspect of your life.

Feel free to do a swimsuit photo shoot, curviness & all.

Feel free to wear a ton of make up or go fresh faced.

Feel free to turn your passion into your career.

Feel free to parent how you want to parent because you know what’s best for your child.

Feel free to take time for yourself, you deserve it.

Feel free to speak up, take action, & voice what’s right whenever you see the wrong.

Feel free in knowing that getting there is hard work, but I know that you can do it.


Always know that you have the freedom to live a life that best suits you & know that no one can tell you what your life should look or feel like.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who is free in her own skin & is feelin’ free living that way


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