monday morning encouragement

On the days you feel like life defeated you, know that at least you tried. You tried your best. You tried a little. The point is, you tried. That’s better than not doing anything. It’s better than not even attempting to give it a shot. You have to know that moments & days that feel like defeat truly are not what they seem. You have to know that trying is better than simply not.

Success comes in different ways with different meanings to so many people. Today’s success for you could be someone else’s feeling of failure. Know that you tried, tomorrow will come, & there is another opportunity, another chance to try again.

Take a look at your day, what do you see? Find the one thing that you can write off an accomplishment.

You brushed your teeth? Yay!

You did one tub of laundry? Cheers to that!

You kept a baby alive, wrote an essay, attended a meeting, cleared your inbox, came up with a new idea, breastfed, got dressed, cooked, cried yourself better, or maybe even tweeted about civil rights? You accomplished something today that matters.

I know that feeling of feeling like the day got the best of you. I know that feeling of wanting to wake up & start a new day right now. But you have to look at the simplicity in life & know that the simple every day tasks are big freakin’ accomplishments sometimes too.

I praise you for doing your laundry.

I applaud you for still reaching for your dream.

You walked 10,000 steps or sat for 10,000 seconds, well I say go you.

I’m not here to support a low in your life. I’m here to support the fact that not every single day has to have a golden star each hour of the day. Sometimes, just one thing is good enough to say the day was worth it. Find the one thing from today that you can say you tackled with pride & I’ll say good job.

Don’t let bad thoughts, horrible people, negative words, Instagram spiraling, mommy shaming, body hating, or dirty looks define your mood or outlook on your day. You did something worth while today & that is a great thing to recognize. And better yet? There is still time in the day to do something amazing before you close your eyes.

Read a few pages in that book you haven’t even picked up yet.

Shut off your phone after reading this post & go enjoy nature for 10 minutes.

Eat that pint of ice cream like nobody is watching because they truly aren’t.

Text that friend you’ve been meaning to say hello to.

Call your grandma, she misses you.

Write down some goals for tomorrow & head to bed knowing that tomorrow’s possibilities are endless & unknown. If you didn’t like today, take a deep breath & make your tomorrow better. You have the power to do that. You can do that. And I hope that you will.


Always know that every accomplishment should be celebrated because every single one of them required effort & that is something worth praising.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who is going to be proud of her accomplishments from today (which was doing laundry)






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