friday feels

A lot has happened the last few weeks! I’ve been so busy with work for my clients that I have let series on here slip through the cracks. So today’s Friday Feels is going to be what I’ve been loving lately, but I’ll still try & keep it short & simple.


Obsession of the week: Three words: The Royal Wedding. I seriously read every article about the event, learned all the facts at the entire family, & followed them on Instagram. I get a little crazy about pop-culture topics sometimes…

Coffee of the week: I love a good iced mocha coffee. I might have had like three of them this week alone… Shoutout to my fave local coffee shops here in Reno for supplying them.

Trend of the week: Umm. don’t make fun of me but, I bought these slide sandles & they are absolute life!

Snack of the week: This puffed corn snack is soooo good. They make it in salted carmel & peanut butter flavor & it is so yum!

Pins of the week: I pinned this coffee image, this shoe image, & this outfit image this week. You can follow me & see everything I pin on my Pinterest account.


Haha, well that wasn’t as jam packed as I thought it’d be. A lot more happened the past few weeks, but I keep my social media channels pretty updated with the in the moment things. Be sure to follow my Instagram & Twitter, & like my Facebook page too.


Have a happy Friday Feels! Enjoy the beautiful summer sun!


Always know to be confidence in who you are & the path you’re on.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who is loving the weather lately, but not the heat





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