monday morning encouragement

Are you truly yourself? Think about it. Are you always authentically the person you know were made to be? I’m not talking about those random moments when we get nervous, we say something we’ve never said before, or we agree with a friend saying we liked an old movie even though we’ve never actually seen it. What I’m talking about is whether or not you can say at the end of the day when you look at yourself in the mirror that you were honest & true to yourself & what you believe that day. Are you truly yourself day in & day out?

I know that sometimes we get put in positions that can compromise who we are because we don’t know how to react or cope with certain situations. But I believe if we were to work on being ourselves 100% of the time, then moments like these won’t become so detrimental & we’ll be able to handle them with grace & ease. It takes practice to know oneself, but once you do, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders because you can finally be free & true to yourself. Our actions, words, & moments in life become that much sweeter when they confidently come from a place of certainty.

So when you feel like the world is rushing in with no warning, I want to encourage you to take a step back & think about who you are or who you are wanting to become. You need to align yourself with values, experiences, limits, & lines in order to know what matters, what’s a risk, what’s your edge, & how to know when something has gone too far. You were made to be uniquely you, so get to know yourself so that you can become familiar with how you work, react, & operate.

Become truly yourself & know that who you are is beautiful, powerful, capable, & amazing. Know that your thoughts count, your words have impact, & that your actions have a lasting effect on the world around you. Know your mission & don’t apologize for it. You were created to complete a task in this lifetime & no matter how big or small it might seem, it has great importance.

My advice?

Breastfeed your baby. Or bottle feed them. You have a baby to nourish & you’re getting the job done either way.

Work out. Sweat. Be a trainer & encourage. You’re helping others meet their goals & change their lives, so keep it up.

Teach. Educate. Share your knowledge. You are delivering your wisdom & shaping the minds of the future. 

Dream. Grow. Build. Create. You are the color in this world & it would be dull & boring without you.

Speak, Shout. Advocate. You are opening the eyes of so many & it is desperately needed to make this world a better place.

We all have a role to play. We need to be truly ourselves & stay true to who we individually are. Don’t be afraid to be you. It’s better than trying to be somebody else, I promise.


Always know that it’s more important to be yourself than to be somebody you’re not.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who hopes she has encouraged you to be yourself




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