monday morning encouragement

Perfection. Does it truly even exist? Some say it can be obtained, but I think it can never truly be. Even if you’re satisfied with an end result, project, or outcome, we can always overthink & contemplate a way that something could have been better.

I ate healthy today. But I should have eaten better.

I worked hard on that design. But I should have tweaked this one thing. 

I pushed myself to do something I never have before. But I should have progressed farther. 

Perfection does not exist. It can’t. Humans are not perfect, therefore we can’t produce a flawless outcome because as we progress, progression in our thoughts, ideas, & dreams come with it.

When a hiccup or unknown happens in life you have to know that perfection was never on the table. When a different end result comes to be we have to know to embrace that as being a part of the story of the journey we’re on.

How boring would life be if everything was always perfect?

We feel when chaos ensues.

We grow when we feel something.

And we need to grow in orded to better know ourselves & understand life in general.

My story has never been perfect. My life has never been perfect. But through the truth in knowing that perfection is unattainable, I am further aware of the fact that I honestly cannot control certain outcomes of things. And with knowing that I worry less.

I know this isn’t how everyone operates  I know that not everyone processes events in life like I do. But I’m here to encourage you & remind you that everything happens for a reason.

Stresses are there to help you stretch your bounds

Discomfort is there to make you move.

Worry is there to help you learn to let go.

The obstacles we face are all about of the story of our lives.

When we were born, those first few minutes, hours, or days, were all the first words of our own unique stories. If we sat in a room together, the stories of how we were born would all be different. We all would have certain highs & lows that marked the beginning of our existence.

Only forty-three hours into being born & we all would have our own original story to tell. The life of “fill in the blank” would have a different beginning than my own. So of course the courses of our lives would be different too.

When the thoughts of being imperfect start to creep in, know that every moment of your life is a part of your grand story. Today, it might feel like a loss has occurred. It might feel like there is no hope, that you’ve failed, or that nothing can fix the unknown that lies ahead. But you’ll look back on this very moment that will soon become a distant memory & be glad that today’s mishaps existed because something greater will come from it.

Let me tell you one last thing…

You have the strength to get through today, & tomorrow, & the next, despite everything not being how you thought it’d be.

You are in the middle of your story, & if you worry about how it’s written every step of the way, you’ll ruin the journey of getting to know the scenery, the main plot, & the characters around you, including yourself.

Always know that it’s okay to not be perfect because you are loved & what makes your great are the imperfections.

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who is always going to be fighting for the story that isn’t perfect 






One response to “monday morning encouragement”

  1. Mike Avatar

    You always write so beautifully, Abby. Every time I read your posts, it reminds me that it is okay to be “me”. It’s okay to not always get something right, some task that is not complete, someone who does not like me or rejects me. It’s okay. That’s what I tell myself. As painful as it is, I tell myself that I am “okay”. Sometimes I forget these things and just want to give up. But somehow, I keep going. And your posts, especially this one, helps me to keep going. Thank you. 🙂

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