friday feels

Post of the week: I wrote this encouragement post this week & this one about traveling in San Francisco with you family.

Confession of the week: I LOVE San Francisco. The look & feel of the city thrills my heart. I love the architecture & the colors & the chaos that live here. 

Show of the week: Don’t judge me, but I can’t stop watching Jersey Shore this week. The new season & all the past ones too.

Experience of the week: I went & visited the Museum of Ice Cream yesterday & it was everything I dreamed & hoped it would be! My creative heart loved all of the themes & colors so much. You can check out my highlight Instagram stories here.

Movie of the week: I saw two great movies this week. I finally watched Black Panther & loved it. I’m into everything Marvel right now. And I watched Girls Trip & it was too freaking funny. Nasty, but funny!


Happy Friday Feels! Make this weekend an adventure. No matter what it is you’re doing, make it worth your while & memory.


Always know that you are creative because you were created.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who is so happy to be back in SF this weekend





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