monday morning encouragement

What if we didn’t know what fear felt like? What if when we saw something ahead of us that seemed like an obstacle, we ran towards it instead of letting it stop us in our tracks? Who taught us to be afraid? Was it the people around us, was it the circumstances we were raised in, or is it truly something from within? Fear is mighty, but you have the strength to overcome it. You are capable of handling the task at hand & not letting it defeat you.

Tackling the things that scare us make us better. They make us stronger, wiser, & more confident in who we are. Cast fear aside, because on the other side is something more glorious & you can’t miss it just because you felt momentarily afraid. There is so much beauty & opportunity in the world & fear tries to mask it with darkness & doubt. Don’t listen to the latter. Because you have a dream & purpose that deserve to be fulfilled.

Run towards your fears.

Speak against the doubt.

Put forth the effort that is worth it.

Lift yourself up in confidence.

Know the truth that fear is just a feeling, & that you can overcome & not let it control you.

Around the corner is greatness & light. But you’re missing it because your eyes are closed. Open them. Freedom is felt when we let go of fear & live the lives that were meant for us to live. Are you willing to miss out on the greatness ahead because you couldn’t move one step closer?

Tell yourself these truths:

I am capable of dreaming & making my dreams come true.

I am gifted beyond belief & have skills that are uniquely mine.

I am good enough & have a value greater than can be measured.

I am going to do what I set out to do & not let fear stop me.

Successful people are still sometimes afraid, but they don’t let those fears be their master. You have to know that fear is shaped & it can be undone. You can live a life that is not driven by fear. You can live a life that is driven by opportunity, & when you do, it’ll be one of the best experiences you could ever imagine.

Think of something that you are afraid of right now, today. Now write down the reasons why you’re afraid of this something. Next, thin of way to talk yourself into conquering this fear & facing it head on. Will it takes minutes, days, weeks, or some practice to get past this? Come up with a plan, rid yourself of any & all excuses, & get ready to stop living in fear of being great & doing great!

Remember that you are strong & amazing, & equipped to live the life you want to live. Is fear the one thing that’s stopping you?


Always know that you have the strength to take on anything that may stand in your way.

– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who is getting ready to conquer all of her fears



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One response to “monday morning encouragement”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Fear has stopped me so many times before and I have missed out on much of life’s great things because of fear.
    But I am doing my best to face my fears and enjoy life better, even if I have to take it one step at a time.
    Great words of wisdom Abbey! Very well said!

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