monday morning encouragement

Today’s encouragement is going to be a big dose of call to action. Today, I want my words & phrases to be your biggest motivator towards success & knowing your worth. Why? Because I believe that words are powerful & they carry a strength that is truly boundless. If you’re someone who keeps listening to the tiny voice of doubt in your head that’s telling you things are impossible, I want you to listen to what I have to say.

You can make any dream, idea, project, or aspiration come to life!

You are smart enough to figure it out.

You are beautiful enough to be a part of it.

You are more than capable of making it happen.

All it takes is some determination & belief in yourself for you to take the first step towards your dream.

Do you know how many times I’ve wanted to give up? Do you know how many things I could have let stand in my way? But instead of giving power to excuses, I gave power to myself & what I knew I was made to do, & I kept moving forward.

You need to do the same.

You need to know how amazing, talented, brave, strong, gifted, unique, & worth it you are. You have your own story to share with the world & you can’t let fear stop you from writing it.

If you want to be a photographer, invest in a camera & practice!

If you want to model clothes, don’t let your size stop you. I sure don’t.

If you want to take up a craft to sell online, do it girl, because you have the skills.

If you truly desire to have something or be something, quit holding yourself back & believe that you can do it!

There is enough room in this world for all of us to pursue & live out our dreams. I don’t want you to look back on your life & regret not doing something because you never even tried.

If I hadn’t gone out on a limb almost 6 years ago & just started sharing myself with the world through photos & blog posts, then I would never known that this was what I was made to do. I’ve learned photography through blogging, gotten to work with companies I never realized knew I existed, & have written for & been a part of so many amazing projects & events. Each choice we make in life either gets us closer or further from the destination that is destined to be ours. So the question is, are you going to get there sooner or later? The decision is yours to make.

Push through.

Jump over that obstacle.

Say yes.

Make the choice towards success.

Believe in yourself.

Give power to your abilities.

Do the one damn thing you can’t stop thinking about doing.

Get that dream to come true.

In the end, you’ll thank yourself for saying you could instead of wondering if you couldn’t. There is power in the words of affirmation & belief in yourself.

This is your call to action, are you going to answer?


Always know there are lessons in failure that lead you to success & you need both in this life to get somewhere grand.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who believes in herself, & also in you too






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