monday morning encouragement

Encouragement is needed. Don’t you agree? We encourage children to crawl, to say momma, to walk, to know their abc’s & numbers. And we’re ecstatic when they reach these goals. We were all encouraged to do good in school, to go to college, to get a job, to live up to our potential & have a good life. And we were praised for doing those things. But then it kind of seems like the encouragement just sort of ends & dies off around our early to mid-twenties. For some reason people think that once we’re functioning adults we don’t need to be encouraged anymore because our lives are supposed to be at the “made it” level. But this is so wrong. Encouragement is always needed, don’t you agree?

How does encouragement make you feel? Like you’re good enough? Like you’re worth someone’s time & effort & thoughts? Encouragement serves as a boost of confidence, a sense of security, & honestly, a source of love. So if encouragement can be all these things, then why does society seemingly stop speaking them when we’re barely 1/3 of the way through our lives? I for one, think that encouragement is needed daily in all sorts of circumstances & aspects of life.

Are you tired & feeling drained? Be encouraged to rest.

Are you struggling to eat healthy & feel like food is a daily battle? Be encouraged & know that you don’t have to feel bound by this.

Are you dealing with comparison? Be encouraged & know that you are doing your best & that’s all you can do.

Are you trying to save up money for a house/vacation/a new pair of shoes? Be encouraged that you will make it happen & succeed.

Are you battling an addiction to food, substances, porn, or work? Be encouraged that these obstacles don’t define you & that you have the strength to overcome them.

Are you fighting worry & doubt? Be encouraged that everything will work out in the end.

Are you feeling alone? Be encouraged & know that people, including myself are here for you.

Are you trying to chase that dream, but you feel like it’s too far off in the distance? Be encouraged that you will make it come true some day.

Are you struggling with trying to start a family? Be encouraged in the middle of all of this pain that a family will be yours one day.

Are you feeling inadequate & not good enough? Be encouraged & know that these are lies & that the truth is you are good enough.

Are you measuring your life by your failures & defeats? Be encouraged that you are more than those moments.

Are you feeling that your body size & looks are’t good enough? Be encouraged to know that they are because you were beautifully made to be just as you are.

No matter if you’re in the middle of a high point or a low point in your life, no matter if you’re having  good day or a bad day today, encouragement can help get you through it.

Practice encouragement today. Whether you start by encouraging yourself with truths & affirmations, or you start by texting a friend & telling them that you value their efforts & are there for them wherever they’re at in life.

Encouragement is all about kindness, love, & support & I hope you feel those things today! You have so much to still offer & to still achieve, & I believe that you can do it. Like the encouragement we offer to babies as they’re growing & developing, be proud of where you’ve been & where you’re going. Be encouraged to keep walking & succeeding & getting to wherever it is you want life to take you.


Always know that encouragement is as simple as saying something nice to somebody & it can do greater things than you could ever realize or know.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who wants to be your biggest supporter in life






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