friday feels

Product of the week: Currently loving this & this from Target.

Thought of the week: I am just so grateful that I have a job because people trust in me & the work I can produce. It such a great feeling being so great at creating & capturing things to fit other people’s desires that they love! I love what I do so much.

Moment of the week: I did a really fun photoshoot with some local bloggers & it seriously makes my heart so happy! I’ve said this before, but I model for a photoshoot every day if I could!

Show of the week: Currently walking through the depressing grief stages of  New Girl ending. The struggle is real, guys.

Projects of the week: I wrote some encouragement here, shared some encouragement here, & wrote about a really cool event I was a part of here.


Happy Friday Feels! I’m headed to go hang out with my sweet mom!



Always know that life takes time to happen, so let it do it’s thing.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who is ready for the weekend & some fun





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