whole foods & yelp elite clean beauty event

Last month I had the privilege of helping put together a Yelp Elite Event alongside Whole Foods. If you didn’t know I have been in partnership with my local Whole Foods here in Reno since December of last year & you can check out the two holiday projects we did here & here. I had so much fun coming up with those ideas & working alongside the Whole Foods team & was eager to do more in the New Year. So in January my Whole Foods contacts told me that they wanted our next project to focus on their annual beauty sale that they have every year in March where all of their products found in their Whole Body Department are 25% off. They also mentioned wanting to host a beauty blogger brunch alongside of it & asked if I was on board to help plan & organize the brunch & find some local bloggers/beauticians to join us as guest speakers. I instantly said yes because it was honestly a dream come true! Planning a beauty brunch with bloggers in Reno? My heart was soaring! Then they told me that they’d like it to be a Yelp Event too & I was way on board. I was getting to work with Whole Foods AND Yelp, mind blown!


I instantly headed to Pinterest to get some ideas going, here’s my private board where it all began. The event was to be held inside the Whole Foods Taproom & I wanted to make it feel as Spring-like & fresh as I could. I came up with the floral arrangement/table decor ideas, the menu, how to display the food, & even made wooden dowels with my dad so that we could have donut towers at the event. It was so much fun meeting with the Whole Foods Floral Department to pick out the best arrangements suited for this event, & to walk around the store with Media Manager Kori to select the menu. We landed on greenery for the tables, & decided to serve quiche, yogurt, vegan donuts, fruit, & mini cookies to the guests. One of my ideas that started from this image I pinned was to have the food be on the tables in the iconic Whole Foods cardboard lunch boxes & I’m so glad that we went with that idea because it turned out so cute. We also ended up having Lolea be a sponsorship of the event so everyone who attended received mini bottles of sangria as well!


Ashley, myself, & April

Next up, I had to get some guest speakers! It didn’t take me long to figure out who I had wanted to ask to join us for the morning to talk all things beauty related that could be found at the Whole Foods Whole Body Department. I had just met Ashley Polan of Layers of Ash about a month beforehand who was a newer blogger in Reno & I knew that she would be great at an event like this. She was thrilled to be a part of it & I was excited to have her attend. I also asked April Marie of April Marie Beauty who is a hairstylist & make-up artist, & Grace Geldmacher of La Belle Peau Reno who is also a make-up artist & esthetician. Both of these ladies are experts in their fields so I knew that they would be great informants to the guests about so many different beauty related topics.

Each of us speakers, including myself, got to test out a handful of beauty products found at Whole Foods. We then got to review them & have our words & photos displayed in the Whole Body Department for the entire month of March. It was so crazy cool to have our names & social media handles on display inside of our local Whole Foods Market. We were all thrilled to say the least. On the day of the event, it was such a treat to show the guests our top picks & to have them purchase the products that we all recommended during the #cleanbeauty event.

o-9.jpgo-13Since this event was a Yelp Elite Event, only members of the Yelp Elite Squad were allowed to join. You can learn more about their program & their events here. But, we were able to giveaway some tickets on our Instagram accounts & it was so fun to get to include a portion of the public for the private brunch event. There was also a second part to the event that was more Open House style that anyone could attend & it was awesome to get to meet some new faces & some followers during this time.

oo-12.jpgo-43.jpgOn the morning of the event I had my parents come & help me set up all the decor & tables. My parents are such hard workers who know how to get tasks done & I was so grateful of them for coming with me at 7am to help get the event ready. Thank you times a million mom & dad! If it wasn’t for my mom the greenery on the tables wouldn’t have looked so elegantly placed, & if it wasn’t for my dad we wouldn’t have had donut towers or an organized event. Seriously, my parents are the best when it comes to serving others & I love that they are always here to help no matter what.

o-16.jpgo-52.jpgAs the guests showed up & enjoyed themselves I kept hearing them say that this was one of the best Yelp Events they had ever gone to. You can read some of their reviews of the morning here. I’m not gonna lie, it really was quite enjoyable! I loved helping to put this event together & was so happy that people were having a great time. I even learned a few things from my fellow speakers when we did our beauty panel. Ashley talked about the importance of wearing sunscreen on your face everyday & that we should be wearing it on our hands as well. Grace mentioned that the sooner we start caring for our skin the better off we are. April talked about hair oils & textures sprays that are made of clean products. And I focused on talking about mineral based make-up & even offered some photo taking tips to the guests as well. We had so many ladies come up to us after our talk to discuss beauty & blogging, & a lot of them thought it was so “cool” to be meeting social media gurus in person. We’re just normal people, we swear!

Overall I am so happy with how the event turned out & I am honestly grateful beyond measure that I, Abbey Kay, got to help put together & be a part of an event with two major brands. It was definitely a “pinch me” moment in life & I was so thankful to get to live it.

Thank you so much to Whole Foods for trusting me to help style the event & allowing me to be a part of it, props to Yelp for getting all the guests there, Sangria Lolea for suppling the yummy drinks, & to my girls, Ashley, April, & Grace for joining me that day & for being so badass & beautiful & totally killing it at being the boss ladies that you all are!



Always know that life will sometimes take you places you never thought you’d go, but those places will be exactly where you never knew you always wanted to be!

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who got to work you Whole Foods, Yelp, & Sangria Lolea & is seriously over the moon about it


Photos by Chris Holloman of Reno Tahoe Photography






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