monday morning encouragement

How is it already Monday again? I swear time goes by so fast & there’s just always so much to do & never enough time to do it. Anybody else feel that way? It seems like every week the to-do lists get longer & for every task I accomplish about five more new ones take it’s place. I’m sure no matter what job you have, this truth will always remain. Le sigh. That’s just life I guess & we’re all living it.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about how people are so quick to compare & tear others down who are in the same work field as themselves. I know I’ve had my thoughts of comparison & woes when it comes to looking at other bloggers & photographers, even if I keep these thoughts to myself I will admit that I still have them.

The thoughts go something like this…

How is she so organized, I can’t even get my posts up every week! 

How do they stay so consistent with posting, I feel like my everyday life gets in the way!

How did she get to do that, is she super forward & direct because I’m not!

Why does no one think of me, I feel like I am always forgotten about! 

The problem with these thoughts is that I’m complaining that I’m not like someone else when I know full well that I can never be anyone but me.

I believe that if we stop letting thoughts like these creep into our heads & allowing them so much power then we will accomplish more than we ever thought possible. When we stop comparing & actually start a conversation with our peers we’ll realize that we all have these similar thoughts & we can help each other to achieve things instead of feel like we have to stay hidden in our doubts.

I can’t be organized like her because I’m not her.

But, I wonder if she could help me try & be better at it.

I can’t post like they do, because my life is not their life.

But, I wonder if she’ll fill me in on her secrets.

I won’t be as direct & forward because that it just not my personality.

But, I wonder if she could give me a few tips on how to speak up more.

It’s okay to not be involved in everything because the world does not revolve around me.

But, maybe I should be more inclusive of others in the things that I do.

We should be lifting each other up & praising them for their accomplishment & works. And we should be proud of ourselves for all that we are doing too. When you sit there & compare yourself to someone else you’re not only creating a monster of jealousy, but you are single handedly down playing yourself & all of your hard work.

If anything seeing what others around us are accomplishing should motivate us to do better & be better. It’s not a competition, but if you feel like you’re behind in the race, that’s okay! We all might be running in the same direction, but we all have different goal times & finish lines in mind. Remember that next time you’re feeling like you’ve been beat.

Be proud of what you are setting out to do. It takes guts to do literally anything outside of the norm. Be kinder to yourself & your struggles. And when you feel comparison creep in, remember that no one is perfect & that we all could use a little bit more encouragement & grace.

You’re totally killing it & so is she (& that’s okay!). There is power in supporting one another & I for one, want to truly start implementing that.


Always know that you are human & we all have these thoughts of comparison but we don’t have to let them take control of our lives.

– abbey kay


Be encouraged more here.

*brought to you by a girl who is going to listen to her own advice 






2 responses to “monday morning encouragement”

  1. Caitlin Avatar

    Ahhh Abbey yes! This is so what we discussed on Saturday, and it felt so good to be open with you and hear we have similar feelings sometimes.
    I won’t lie in saying I’m so glad to get to know you better to learn from you, be close to your projects, and collaborate. And even when we don’t work together, cheering you on from the sidelines.
    Amazing post, you got me motivated today!

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Caitlin! I am glad we talked about this, it’s so true & relatable! It totally motivated this post! SO glad to be getting to know you better too. Thanks for reading!

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