friday feels

Product of the week: I am currently loving my new wooden comb that I got on Amazon a few weeks ago. I originally had wanted to buy one for photos, but then when I was reading about the benefits of using one, I was sold. My hair gets so tangled because it’s dyed blonde, & since using the wooden comb it’s so much easier to comb. The wooden comb literally glides through my hair like butter & never rips any hairs out!

Wishlist of the week: I really want this top from J. Crew. It’ll be perfect for summer!

Moment of the week: I ran into a friend at a coffee shop in between meetings this week & we had a conversation that was honest & true & real, & it was so refreshing & life giving. Definitely something I didn’t know I needed, but am so glad that happened.

Show of the week: Arrested Development. The worst & best show ever. Watch it. It’s too funny!

Projects of the week: I shot more photos for a local blogger & this time it lead me to making a pie! I also wrote four blogs, did one-on-one coaching, & sent what felt like 1,000 emails. Working for myself is tiring, but SO worth it!


Happy Friday Feels! I think I might have Chinese food for dinner… Mmm!



Always know that you have the strength to get through the things that life will sometimes throw your way.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who feels like she could nap for 100 days straight right now






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