monday morning encouragement

Happy Monday! Let’s dive right into the encouragement I feel needs to be expressed today, because today, I’m feeling a sense of loss in what true support & encouragement means. We as women are sometimes the worst when it comes to truly supporting one another. We say we support one another, but there still is a root of jealousy hiding within. There is still a form of doubt that lives inside of us when we see someone else crushing their goals & we’ve barely even thought of things to write down on our list. Why is this the case? Why do we compare & think that our timeline has to reflect hers? We should first & foremost be proud of what we have set out to do & have accomplished ourselves. And then, applaud the one sitting next to us too.

If I’m being honest, I feel like this topic is one that gets preached on constantly. I mean, I totally understand, I myself compare & doubt, & as a result feel less than or not good enough. But this shouldn’t be! You know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are & no can take that level of pride & worth from you. Maybe if we try & see that girl we barely know as ourself, then maybe we’d feel for her more, & then maybe we’d be joyful for her successes too.  Doesn’t that sound better than what we’re currently doing?

I am proud of my friends who are nurses. They crushed nursing school & are taking care of people in ways I could never stomach (literally).

I am proud of my mommy friends who not only raise little ones on the daily, but also carried those bebes in their bellies for 40 entire weeks!

I am proud of the girl boss bloggers who had the courage to just start a blog one day & are figuring it out as they go along.

I am proud of the makers who learned a craft, designed a brand, & are using their own hands to change the world.

I am proud of the designers who use their creativity to make something entirely brand new every time they sit down to work.

I am proud of myself for getting places I never ever dreamed I would & for not giving up somewhere along the way.

Who in your life are you proud of? Who should you stop being jealous of, & instead genuinely give a compliment to because maybe you’re actually proud of the work their doing & are pushing harsh insecurities onto them? I know I’m guilty of that at times. Who do you know that needs some encouragement today?

It’s okay to doubt yourself. It’s okay to get jealous at times. It’s okay to not feel good enough. But work hard to stop thinking this way. You have gifts that the world needs. You have things to say that the world needs to hear & be reminded of.

You are strength.

You are beauty.

You are #womengoals.

Your purpose in life is worth my support. And her purpose in life is worth your support too. (You know the “her” I’m referring to).

Let’s start supporting, truly supporting, one another. We all know that we need all the support & love we can get. So let’s be that source for someone else today!


Always know that comparison is the killer of dreams, but support is the giver of success in life.

– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who feels support is what has carried her this far in life & hopes that it will carrier her even further






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