friday feels

Craving of the week: Pizza. But isn’t it always pizza?

Product of the week: Currently living in my Adidas dad hat that I got from Urban Outfitters. Is it bad that I always wear it with my Nike shoes?

Random fact of the week: There are days where I totally crush my to-do lists & then there are days where I barely do one or two things. I like the more productive days honestly, but I have no control over my emotion that cause me to have the slower moving days & that sucks to admit.

Show of the week: I have to tell you something… I am really loving the new season of American Idol & I even love the new judges. I am obsessed with the fact that they are picking people who move you when they sing & have great stories along with great voices. I can’t get enough of the show & I’m really excited to keep watching!

Projects of the week: I just started taking photos for a blogger in town & this week it had me shooting wine, cleaning, magazine, & Spring time photos. I’m loving getting to be creative in different ways!

Movie of the week: I made my boyfriend watch Coco with me. I cry every freakin’ time I watch it.

Thoughts of the week: I have my first really BIG event tomorrow & I am so excited, but so nervous! So many people have put so much hard work into tomorrow’s event & I am truly honored & excited to be a part of it!


Happy Friday Feels! Enjoy the last full weekend of March!


Always know that your dreams are achievable no matter what seems to be standing in your way!

– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who really might eat pizza all weekend long





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