friday feels

Product of the week: Seriously been in love with the Drifter beanie from Krochet Kids this week. Probably because it’s been a grey filled week & snowed so much last night!

Deals of the week: I went to Macy’s week & they had a random 30% off sale, & I scored four Free People items for less than $150! And Nordstrom Rack is having a 40% off women’s sale item thru Sunday. Talk about some good shopping!

Color of the week: Millenial pink. Yep, I love subtle pops of that color.

Song of the week: Don’t juedge me, but I’m this song right now, Capital Letters by Hailee Steinfeld.

Show of the week: My boyfriend & I started watching Love on Netflix this week. Super good show!

Projects of the week: This week I got to take some photos for a really big blogger & I was thrilled for the opportunity! I also hosted a giveaway for an event I have coming up with Yelp & Whole Foods. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, but I’m grateful that I get to do what I love & have chances to constantly be a part of new things.


Happy Friday Feels! Enjoy the snow this weekend & stay warm, Reno!


Always know that you are not defined by what others think of you!

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who is working her way through the weekend



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