monday morning encouragement

What does success mean to you? At what point in your life or career will you feel like you’ve “made it”? When will that feeling of being enough finally actually be enough? What is the one dream that seems unreachable, but is still the end goal for your journey? Simply put, how do you define your own success?

We all have our own unique answers to these questions. We all have something we are working towards. Yeah, I know that Jenna Kutcher talked about this topic on her podcast, Goal Digger. But my mom has been telling me to define my own success long before I even heard of her. To define your own success means to know what you’re wanting to gain in your life, or career, & holding true to that no matter what others say should be more valuable or important. To define your own success means to know what you personally want to achieve in order to feel like what you’re doing is worth it.

So what is success to you? Is it making a certain amount of money? Is it reaching that certain level or title at your office? Is it publishing a book, or an article, or a blog post? Is it being a mom that stays home from work? Is it having the funds to travel the world? It is having the courage to speak up for yourself & others who have no voice? What does success mean to you?

No one can define it for you. You’re the only one who can truly announce whether you feel like you’re on top of the world or not? Have you thought about that before? Your success is not measured by what the world has to say. Your worth is not compared to a dollar amount. Your accomplishments are not valued by what your family members have to say about them. You alone define your own success.

Make those macrame plant hangers & sell them.

You’re a success.

Write those articles about street food.

You’re a success.

Work hard at your job, & mom even harder at night.

You’re a success.

Climb that corporate ladder (or don’t).

You’re a success.

Open up that business on the corner.

You’re a success.

Start the blog.

You’re a success.


How do you define success? If you’ve never thought about this question when it comes to your own personal life, business, or job, then I suggest that you take a moment to do so. Don’t let someone else define the successes of your life for you. Take power in knowing you are doing what you want to do, are heading where you want to go, or are already where you’re wanting to be. Define your own success, & be confident in it.


Always know that your worth & success is defined by what you say it is, & not by how others choose to define it for you.

– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who knows her success is measured from within 







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