friday feels

Wishlist of the week: I just want a donut. I really do.

Items of the week: Target baby clothes. I have a baby shower for my soon to be arriving niece next weekend & I got her THE cutest clothes today. I can’t wait to meet her in May!

News of the week: Winter finally hit Reno & we have gotten so many inches of sow over the past 24 hours. Yay, but brrrr!

Thought of the week: I had the mood to go snowboarding today. I don’t know how to snowboard, but I really wanted to learn. Hmmm, maybe next winter I’ll take lessons!

Projects of the week: I officially taught my first topic class this week & it was so much fun! I still have three more to go in my series. You can sign up here.


Happy Friday Feels!


Always know that adventure lives on the corner of taking chances!

– abbey kay






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