monday morning encouragement

It snowed a few inches in Reno last night so I’ve been enjoying a slow morning of sipping coffee by the fire & staring at my back yard. What makes the snowfall so peaceful? I mean, I’m just like everybody else & I don’t like driving in it. But when it’s just snowed & you’re in the comfort of your own home, the snow is so magical & calming. When the blanket of snow is perfect & untouched it has a feeling of restfulness to it, that is until the chaos of footprints hit it. The snow is sitting still. So what can we learn from it?

Today, I’m encouraging you to rest. You deserve it. You need it. Your soul can only survive when it has time to stop & just be. Rest is good for you. Taking a break is life giving. We are not created to run 24/7, that’s why we require sleep. The to-do lists will still be there tomorrow. The house work & the projects & the emails will still get accomplished. Our minds need freedom to not stress & over think or feel pressure to be perfect. Work is great, but rest is just as valuable.

I get that today may not be a day that you can just take off & do nothing. I get that sometimes our schedules don’t seem to allow us anytime to stop. But rest can mean different things to so many of us. Some of us have the luxury of planning & taking vacations on a whim. Some of us are able to book stay-cations. For others, a break means to simply put our phones on silent for an entire day, or even a few hours. Whether rest to you means an afternoon with no kids, a long soak in a warm bath, watching reality TV for an evening, heading to your favorite coffee shop alone, or reading a magazine or good book, I want to encourage you to do whatever it takes to help yourself rejuvenate & recharge back up to 100%. When we’re running on half empty we aren’t giving the best version of ourselves to our work, to our loved ones, or even to ourselves.

What will help you rest? Is it maybe asking for help to know when you need it? Is choosing it schedule it for yourself once a week, or once a month? If you don’t believe you need it or have time for it, I want to know that you are doing so great! Rest does not mean you’re weak. Rest will only make you stronger. Whether you’re needing emotional or physical rest, your mind, body, & soul need it & deserve it. Take care of yourself that way you can better take care of the responsibilities around you.

If you need some extra encouragement wherever you’re at today, don’t hesitate to reach out & ask! I am always here to listen, talk, or sit down for a cup of coffee & chat in person or over the phone!


– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who is feeling inadequate lately & is hoping a full day of rest will help to uplift the truth that I am indeed good enough 






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