friday feels

Show of the week: Have you ever seen the HBO show Westworld? It is the best show ever. I watched it back in 2016 when it came out, but I just re-watched the entire first season again because season 2 is only like 8 weeks away! I can’t wait for it & I really think your weekend plans should be to binge watch it. It’s just SO good! Give it a try.

Product of the week: I keep getting compliments on my hair color this week & honestly I know all the credit goes to my hair stylist, April Marie Beauty. But she’s also recommended using this amazing purple shampoo from JOICO & it seriously works wonders. My ashy blonde hair is here to stay!

Random fact of the week: My birthday is 10 months from today. Yes, I’m that weirdo who counts down to something 10 months in advance. More so, I just always love the date of my birthday & notice it everything month. My birthday is December 16th, so the 16th of every month is my favorite. I might even start using that date as a day to choose to rest & not do anything once a month… We’ll see.

Projects of the week: This week I posted Monday Morning Encouragement14 Ways To Say I Love You with Plant Puns, & Go Red For Women’s Heart Health Sponsored by Macy’s. And I ran two giveaways. Next week, look for another giveaway (maybe two) & a post about Pure Barre Reno.

Plant of the week: For Valentine’s Day my sweet boyfriend got me a fake airplant. Poor guy thought it was real… Props to him for trying, he knows I love plants more than flowers so I’m proud of him for going out of his comfort zone to make me happy.

Food of the week: Have you ever been to a build your pizza place? I like to describe it as a Qdoba, but for pizza. The first one I ever had was in Vegas at Pieology. But then Reno got two of their own, My Pie Pizza & Mod Pizza. Mmm, so good! I love making half the pizza pesto with chicken & bacon, & the other half red sauce & meat lovers. I LOVE pizza.


Happy Friday Feels! Enjoy these next few days of rest & adventure!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who really wants some pizza & Westworld





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