go red for women’s heart health sponsored by macy’s

Happy Valentine’s day! As we celebrate the ones we love today with chocolates, gifts, quality time, & hand written cards, remember to also cherish the moments we are given with them. Today is all about expressing the love in your heart & because our heart is a very special piece of life, I’m happy to help promote the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women that is nationally sponsored by Macy’s. This month is American Heart Month & through Macy’s annual Wear Red Sale they donate 10% of their sales of select dresses to Go Red For Women. Collectively, Macy’s has donated more than $65 million since 2004 to the heart disease foundation & they plan to continue to help raise awareness for the cause. The movement encourages women (& men!) to wear red clothing items, accessories, or make-up to bring awareness to women’s heart disease & I for one am all for it.

Photo Feb 14, 10 53 59 AM_preview

I was lucky enough to head to my local Macy’s here in Reno & shop with local store stylist, Suzi Royls, through the MyStylist center. We picked out different select red pieces & styles to put together a look to help promote the Go Red For Women cause. It’s always such a treat shopping with Suzi, her high energy, positive attitude, & encouraging words help to create such a great shopping experience. She knows the store so well & always helps me to walk away with the outfits that I feel my best in.

Photo Feb 14, 11 45 03 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 11 22 52 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 10 53 57 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 11 22 55 AM_preview.jpeg

I love shopping at Macy’s because they carry stylish brand like Levi’s & Free People, but also athletic brands like Nike & Adidas. Suzi & I found this red Adidas Track Jacket that we honestly didn’t think was going to be able to work in an outfit…but it totally did! We were able to pair it with these Levi’s 711 Ripped Skinny Jeans, & an Adidas White Logo Tee & Adidas Black Sports Bra. Talk about making athleisure look cute, am I right? I think we were totally able to pull the look all together.

Photo Feb 14, 11 47 37 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 11 22 54 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 11 33 49 AM_preview.jpeg

Another part of the Macy’s Go Red For Women campaign is their pin sale. The idea is to wear one of the Red Dress pins & share one with a loved one who you want to bring hearth health awareness too. I love pins, especially on my denim jacket, & think this is a great way to express awareness.

Photo Feb 14, 10 53 56 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 11 22 50 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 10 53 55 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 14, 11 47 07 AM_preview.jpeg

Thank you Macy’s for allowing me to partner up with you on this campaign to be an advocate & for supporting such an important cause for women’s health! I enjoyed learning about the foundation & shopping for this outfit so much!

Happy Valentine’s Day, & Go Red For Women everywhere!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who will wear red if it’s means helping to bring awareness to a great cause 


This post is sponsored by Macy’s. Words are all my own.






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