14 ways to say i love you with plant puns

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, who’s ready for the day of love? I’m not really that good at crafting & because I don’t really like the color red or heart shaped things, I’d thought I’d bring you a different way to celebrate. So today I’m bringing you 14 ways to say I love you with plant puns. Are you ready? Let’s get digging.

14 Ways To Say I Love You With Plant Puns

1.  Stay palm. I still love you.

2.  You’re hot, & it kales me.

3.  Aloe you very much.

4.  Don’t be a prick, come & plant one on me.

5.  I love spending all my thyme with you.

6.  You better be leaf me when I say I love you.

7. I’d choose you over my fronds.

8. I’m glad you don’t succ.

9.  Nothing beets being with you.

10.  You are mint to be mine.

11.  Lotus be one forever.

12.  You make the cact-i in me want to become a cact-us.

13.  If you ever left, my heart would be thorn.

14. I love you, dill with it.


Happy Valen-pine’s Day!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who loves plants & puns & won’t apologize for it





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