monday morning encouragement

Happy snowy Reno Monday, guys! I’m so happy to see the valley covered in just a dusting of white. It finally feels like winter, except this bone chilling feeling that I currently have makes me regret not appreciating the 60 degree weather from last week. How was your weekend though? I had a not so great kind of “low” feeling Saturday, & then yesterday had a very “up” feeling day. Saturday I had intentions of getting a ton of creative work done, but then something came over me & I just did a few business things here & there & felt like the day was a total waste. I hate the days that feel like that! But yesterday, I got to be a part of a styled shoot & my heart was beaming like the sun (even though it was cloudy & cold). I LOVE days like yesterday. Being around creatives, talking about beauty, styling, Instagram, & more, ugh, I could do that everyday! Yesterday was a dream & so inspiring, & days like yesterday make the days like Saturday so worth it to me, so here’s what I have to say to you today…

Go for it. If you love something with your entire being & soul, if you want to try something new, if you’re willing to put your everything into something, then go for it! Don’t be afraid. Don’t doubt yourself. Just go for it! If you’re unsure of where to start, just start & the path you’re supposed to be on will eventually find it’s way to you. The hardest part is starting, so just go for it.

Your ideas are golden. Your beauty is immeasurable. Your thoughts are unique & your own, & they will add grace & depth to this world. If you have a dream, stop chasing it, but instead grab hold of it, own it, & start living it now. Imagine if we were all living up to the potential of letting our own individual treasures shine, how bright would the world be then? I’m telling you goddess’s, your world & this world would be a grander place to dwell.

Go for it. Live the dream that’s hiding inside of you now. Be inspired by others, & make something of your own. Creativity is meaningful, & there’s purpose behind every corner of it. Give life to it, & see where it takes you. I promise, it will never betray you or lead you astray. Go for it, & make it happen now rather than later. I see the beams of your dreams spying out of you. Darlings, let it burst out & exist. Because when you do, your life will finally have the intention you’ve been longing so deeply for. Go for it, the one day’s & the I’ve been thinking about’s start now.


– abbey kay



*brought to you by a girl who wants to encourage you to start your one day, today






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