diy olympic donut rings

The Olympics start in a few days & I am SO excited. The Olympics came to Squaw Valley, California, about 45 minutes from my hometown in Reno, back in 1960 for the Winter Games, & we have the Olympic torch & rings on display there as proof. I’ve always loved watching the Olympics during the summer & the winter, I truly have no preference. I have just always loved tuning in to watch the best athletes in the world compete for bronze, silver, or gold, & it’s honestly the only sporting event I enjoy watching. The unity in the Olympics has always intrigued me & the Olympics rings symbolize that. Did you know each ring represents the continents that send athletes to the games? I didn’t know that until I read it here yesterday. And the colors of the rings represent the colors that are displayed on the flags around the world. How cool is that? The Olympics truly have my heart & attention every year they come around. What else has my heart? Donuts of course, so I combined my love for the two in order to create a fun DIY Olympic donut rings project to help celebrate the start of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Photo Feb 07, 4 03 42 PM_preview.jpeg

Here’s what you need:

5 glazed donuts (raised or cake)

1 cup powdered sugar

2 tbs. milk, almond milk or water (I used almond milk because it’s what I had)

1 blue donut topping

1 black donut topping

1 red donut topping

1 yellow donut topping

1 green yellow topping

1 large flat bowl

1 whisk

What I used for toppings: blue cotton candy, crushed mini Oreos, sliced strawberries, crushed potato chips, & green sugar sprinkles.

Other toppings ideas: M&M’s, Skittles, blueberries, bananas, dark chocolate, fondant, & a fun idea would be to pick themes, like all fruit toppings, or all candy ones.

Photo Feb 07, 4 03 33 PM_preview.jpeg

First step, whisk together the powdered sugar & milk in your large flat bowl. It makes a very thin icing that is perfect to help get the toppings to stick.

Photo Feb 07, 4 03 34 PM_preview.jpeg

Next, prepare your toppings. It was easiest for me since I was also photographing while doing this project to put each topping into separate bowls. So I sliced the strawberries vertically, crushed the Oreos & the potato chips, pulled apart the cotton candy, & took the green sprinkles & the rest of the toppings & put them into their own bowls. Then came the fun part!

Photo Feb 07, 4 03 41 PM_preview.jpeg

Once everything was ready to go, I took the donuts one at a time, dipped them face down into the icing, let the excess icing drip back into the bowl, & then decorated them each with the different colored toppings. I don’t know if my icing was too warm or too thin because A LOT of it continued dripping down the sides of the donuts as I decorated them. It did help the toppings to stick, but it was just basically a pool of icing under each donut when I was done. But it still came together well and….Olympic donut rings were made!

Photo Feb 07, 4 03 32 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 07, 4 03 38 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 07, 4 03 29 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 07, 4 09 15 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 07, 4 03 27 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Feb 07, 4 07 54 PM_preview.jpeg

I have seen on the internet that other people have frosted donuts to look like the Olympic rings before & I was inspired to take that idea one step further & add colorful toppings to the mix. The Oreo flavored one was the tastiest, the cotton candy & the sprinkle ones “melted” after a few hours, the strawberries turned into mush, & the potato chips lost their crunch. My advice would be to eat them as quickly as you can! They sure are pretty, but they’re worth every bite as well.

Photo Feb 07, 4 08 33 PM_previewPhoto Feb 07, 4 03 25 PM_preview.jpeg

So there ya have it. Two of my favorite things. Donuts & the Olympics combined into one tasty treat! Mmm, the perfect snack (in my opinion) for watching the Olympics. I think I would win the gold medal if we were competing for greatest donut lover because I donut think I could ever lose that!

Go team USA!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who loves donuts & diy’ing them





One response to “diy olympic donut rings”

  1. Mike Avatar

    I totally hear you on this, Abbey! I love tuning in to watch the Olympics, whether they are the summer or the winter ones. Takes me back to my childhood back in the 90s when I would watch them on TV with my grandparents. Brings back fond memories for that reason. 🙂
    I even had an Olympics T-shirt at one time I think. I don’t know what happened to it but I sure loved wearing it! And nice trivia concerning the rings. I never knew what they represented; very cool! So my guess is that every continent (except Antarctica) is represented by the rings (North and South America count as one). I always thought that they were a great symbol of unity and now I know why!

    LOVE the look of your donuts! Forget Krispy Kreme; I want yours!!

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