monday morning encouragement: sometimes things will just fall into place

I wrote this blog post last week on Monday afternoon & it totally didn’t publish. I figured, why let a good thing go to waste, so here it is for today. Read it. Enjoy it. Be encouraged…


Can we pretend that it’s still the morning? Can we pretend that I am as organized in posting blogs as I am with the rest of my life? I am no good at writing posts ahead of time, especially these encouraging ones because I think that these words need to be more in the moment than anything else I write. I believe that true encouragement comes with perfect timing, & one without the other will just never make sense. So here it is, just after 4pm on a Monday afternoon & I’m about to write something encouraging.

First of all, I can just pause a second & tell you how great YOU are? It’s true. You’re amazing. This weekend might have been lonely, or depressing, or weird, but that doesn’t have to define your outlook for today, this week, or how you see yourself. I want you to stop, take a deep breath, & know that you are indeed outstanding!

We live in a world that is FULL of comparison. She does this (better than me), he does that (just like me), they went there (will I ever go too?), & honestly, it’s a consuming job title that none of us get paid for, & if we did, we would all be swimming in cash. Comparison is such a life sucker. Yeah, I said it. It’s like a weed that just keeps growing & growing inside of us. And the crazy part is, we’re the ones who keep feeding it & therefore keeping it alive within us. How nuts is that?

Comparison is the killer of joy. When we compare we feel less than & not good enough. We feel worthless, & cheap, & like nothing we do matters. But, this simply isn’t true. We are good enough! We are capable! We are storytellers & dreamers who work in photography, & finance, & graphics, & grocery stores, & no two of us are alike. Sometimes in life we come to our “just not yet’s”, & that’s okay.  We want what they have, but can we have it? Yes, but just not yet. Can we quit our jobs & travel the world like they do? Sure, but just not yet. I want kids, & I feel like it’ll never happen. Will it? Somehow, someway, it will, just not yet.

Now, I’m not saying that this means we just wait around for things to magically happen to us. No, things will never get done or accomplished that way. But we have to remember, & I repeat, HAVE TO REMEMBER, that we are not them, & they are not us, we cannot compare, & we’ll get there, just not yet. It is okay to be where you are. You are unique, your story is set apart, & no one can play the role except for you. Soon, your “just not yet’s”, will no longer your tomorrows, but your todays instead.

Sometimes, things will just fall into place, & you have to be where you are now, so that you can be there at the right place when it does.  Quit looking at others to find yourself. You are right where you need to be, living the life that is meant for you now, & if you keep comparing, you just might miss out on it.


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who is like no one else around her, & she is grateful for that






3 responses to “monday morning encouragement: sometimes things will just fall into place”

  1. Mike Avatar

    How is it that you always manage to write about the things I struggle with? :)This is just where I am right now!!
    I sometimes find myself thinking, “that could be me doing…”. “That could be me going…”. “That could be me…”.
    While I don’t always mean to do this, I’m always silently comparing myself to others; friends, co-workers, even strangers. My whole life, I’ve always felt like I was never enough. Like I always had to be DOING something great, visiting someplace exotic, having a high position at work, etc.
    You are absolutely right Abbey. Thinking this way is a total life sucker as I usually feel depressed or discouraged after I have one of these thoughts.

    But as you said, I am not them. Not my friends, not my co-workers, not the stranger I see who looks like he/she has it all together. I am me. And there is only one me in the world, just like there is only one you in the world. Always be proud of who you are Abbey. You encourage so many people with your blog postings. And I am so happy to be a part of this community. 🙂

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Thanks SO much Mike. Your comments are always extremely encouraging to me. Thank you for reading, relating, & being true to yourself!!

      1. Mike Avatar

        You are so welcome Abbey! I always look forward to your Monday Morning encouragement posts. 🙂 I share them with my friends and a few other bloggers in hopes that they will be encouraged too.
        And absolutely! That’s what it’s all about; doing the best we can with the life we have. We get one chance with it so let’s make it our best!
        Thanks again! Be encouraged!

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