friday feels

It’s Friyay! And I’m so glad. This week has been too long in my opinion. Waayy too long. But I’m excited to be introducing a new blog post series that will be going up every week. Say hello to Friday Feels. So basic, I know. But it’s kind of perfect too because Friday carries all the feelings from the week leading up to it, & holds all the excitement for the weekend ahead. So every Friday, check back here for a super short & quick blog post that will contain so many small, but BIG things. What can you expect to see? I’ll be sharing my how my week went, projects that are in the works, what I’m currently loving like music, products, shows, trends, & good eats, random facts about me, & whatever other feels I want to add in. Excited? Me too. Keep reading for this week’s Friday Feels.

Friday Feels

Song of the weekMy My MY! by Troye Sivan. Don’t judge me on the lyrics, I just like the sound of the song okay!

Product of the week: I recently just repurchased this from the millennial pink brand, Glossier. It’s seriously one of the best concealers I have EVER used.

Random fact of the week: My room currently smells like garlic as I’m writing this because I haven’t cleaned up my props from photoshoot yet because I thought I’d be too tired to write this if I cleaned up first. Totally regretting that now cause the smell is STRONG WITH THIS ONE!

Projects of the week: This week I took photos for two posts coming up having to do with recipes/food. I also created content with Simple Truth that will be live on Instagram tomorrow. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Plant of the week: I bought a new plant this week called a Polka Dot plant that has pink & green leaves, & I had no clue what it was called until I just Googled “pink leaf plant” ha!

Movie of the week: I re-watched a movie I hadn’t seen in awhile called In Time. Still kind of loved it, but thought it was little more lame this time around. Still kind of love it though too.

Thoughts of the week: It was an overall good week guys. Tons of inspiring meetings & SO many fun in person real things going on. Sorry, but I have to be vague for now! I also FINALLY nailed down a new blogging schedule that I love & will help me stay more organized! I’ll be sharing that next week!


Happy Friday Feels! Enjoy the weekend, you deserve it!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who plans to enjoy her entire weekend completely work free





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