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Hey there, Wednesday! I’m so happy to see you. This week has been the longest week ever for me. Anyone else feel that way? I just want it to be over quite honestly & I have no clue why! Maybe because next week is the beginning of February & I have so many fun projects coming up. Or maybe it’s because I’m already itchin’ for spring to arrive because we’ve barely gotten any snow this winter! I can’t believe the first month of the New Year is coming to a close already & I haven’t even gotten one snow day yet! It’s kind of ironic then that I’m sharing with you all today about a company that started out by making beanies & our warmer winter weather this year has barely called for them at all! Maybe I’m about to jinx it & we’ll finally get the snowfall on the valley floor that I’ve been longing for…

Photo Jan 23, 8 02 12 PM_preview

Photo Jan 23, 8 02 14 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 7 56 40 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 7 56 39 PM_preview.jpegWell, when we actually have a snow falling winter, I am a fan girl of beanies. I don’t like the ones with poms on top. I’ve never liked the one’s that are super chunky & knit, or too girly looking. I like the kind of beanie that has a cuff fold, is super fitted, & comes in neutral colors. Which is why I totally love the company Krochet Kids International. I first purchased some of their beanies back in June of 2013 & you can see the super cool photo of them here. I have no clue why I bought beanies at the start of summer… I made some untimely purchases back in the day. I then bought my absolute favorite beanie they make, called The Brady, & they reposted photos I took of it twice back in 2015 on their Instagram, here & here. Clearly, I love their stuff! So when the company & I got in contact towards the end of last year, I was thrilled that they wanted to send me products to try out & photograph as they had “followed me for awhile now & were huge fans of my style, aesthetic, & work.” Like, what even?!?! How awesome is that! I jumped at the chance to deliver something different, unique, & completely me.

Photo Jan 23, 8 07 02 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 07 04 PM_preview.jpegThe reason that I love Krochet Kids International is because of what they’re all about & how they started. Back in 2007 when the three founders of KKi were in highschool, they were planning a trip to Uganda to serve it’s people & to help them rise above poverty. In order for them to go they needed to raise money so they learned how to crochet hats & sold them to family & friends. They were deemed the Krochet Kids. Then, their ideas blossomed into teaching women in other countries, who would have no other way or skills to make a fair wage, how to crochet. This idea took their brand over seas allowing each beanie to be handmade by women in countries like Peru & Uganda. Every woman personally signs the beanies she crochets & you can personally thank her too. Because Krochet Kids International exists, women in other countries have the means to provide for their families, send their children to school, & rise above poverty. As someone who truly believes that all humans have value, that they deserve a chance at a good life, & that serving/helping “here” means this world, not a certain country, this company gives me so much hope & life.

Photo Jan 23, 8 20 56 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 03 53 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 18 46 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 18 43 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 03 56 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 20 57 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 03 51 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 8 20 53 PM_preview.jpegToday, Krochet Kids International has expanded their apparel to bags, tees, dresses, bandanas, scarves, & more. They work with multiple organizations like Known Supply & Capable that are also advocates at helping people better themselves out of their born given situations. I was stoked to be sent these three products back in December: the Devin, which is a handbag, the Mesa Bandana, & the Helm beanie. And what better way to capture them than sipping on a cup of coffee at one of my favorite local shops, Coffeebar.

Photo Jan 23, 7 59 15 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jan 23, 7 59 11 PM_preview.jpegEach of these products completely fits my style & I love that they can be used in different seasons, which means I get to promote & talk about this killer brand & their mission all year round! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to support a company that’s sole purpose is to help those in need. When you buy from KKi, you’re literally buying meals, clothes, & supplies for women & their families across the globe. Think about that… Okay, I have to stop typing or else I seriously might cry over the beauty of that truth.

Photo Jan 23, 8 15 33 PM_preview.jpegThank you so much Krochet Kids for existing, & thanks for sending me these products as well. I’ll use these pieces to talk about poverty & change, & how purchasing a beanie can change a life. Hmm, sounds like the best accessory conversation starter if you ask me…


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who truly loves this brand & all that they stand for



This post is sponsored. Thoughts & content were produced by Abbey Kay. Photos by Abbey Kay & her bf she forced to take pics of her.






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