a look back at 2017

This year was a very wild ride for me. I experienced so much that it’s crazy to think only 12 months have gone by. It went so fast & so much happened. I went on some memorable adventures, had many opportunities come my way, & have tackled quite a few fears. It’s the year that I got to do things I had only ever dreamed of doing. The year 2017 will be a year that I won’t forget.

I had so much growth this year both personally, & for my blogging & photography business. This year we added new family members in more ways than one, & watched a very special baby turn a whole year old! I had two articles published in a local paper & of course they were about coffee & donuts. I worked with some major companies like Boohoo, GODIVA, Whole Foods, Macy’s, & American Greetings. I got to do photoshoots with two new local photographers that I have never worked with before & they totally killed it! I went to Disneyland & saw Mickey. I went to Las Vegas & watched my brother get married. I made so much progress in my product photography style & was able to work with new clients of all sorts. I was a guest blogger on Strange Bikini’s & rocked their rad suits during my trip to Hawaii. I went to HAWAII!!! I partnered up with some local & non-local small business’s. I quit a part time job that was extremely toxic & it led to more dreams coming true than I could have ever hoped for.

A year in time seems so long, yet so quick. Every year is so different & you can never predict what it’ll bring. I am so grateful for all of the accomplishments that 2017 brought. Here’s a look back at this amazing year!

Photo Apr 08, 11 23 46 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Apr 18, 9 02 24 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jun 09, 2 56 35 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jun 26, 6 43 49 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Sep 21, 10 58 56 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Sep 20, 9 02 12 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Sep 17, 10 50 47 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Oct 10, 8 05 34 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jul 17, 3 17 55 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jul 25, 3 28 14 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Jun 02, 11 06 35 PM_preview.jpegPhoto May 12, 4 07 17 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Oct 06, 2 11 50 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Sep 07, 2 00 47 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Jul 21, 2 14 03 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Nov 03, 1 41 44 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Nov 15, 11 00 35 AM_preview.jpegIMG_9568_preview.jpegIMG_9799_preview.jpegIMG_9888_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 13, 1 41 34 PM (1)_previewPhoto Nov 29, 9 46 51 AM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 19, 1 02 21 PM_preview.jpegIMG_1977_preview.jpegIMG_2101_preview.jpegIMG_2172_preview.jpegPhoto Jun 23, 2 46 19 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Sep 14, 10 48 13 AM_preview.jpegLightroomphotos(18of79)_preview.jpegLightroomphotos(33of79)_preview.jpegLightroomphotos(39of79)_preview.jpegPhoto Jul 18, 10 10 39 AM_preview.jpegIMG_4129_preview.jpegLightroomphotos(12of29).jpgLightroomphotos(8of29).jpgLightroomphotos(21of29).jpg

In 2017, a lot of coffee was consumed, a ton of donuts were eaten, & a ton of pretty pictures were captured. The end of the year post is my all time favorite one I publish every year because I just find it so fun to look back at every bit of life that has happened in the past 365 days. It’s warming, inspiring, & gives me a boost of confidence because a little voice inside says, “Yasss gurl, look at all that you did!”. And honestly, who doesn’t want to be reminded of the BA GIRLBOSS that she was this past year.

I also want to thank you all for making this year as great as it’s been! Without you all following, reading, & caring about what I’m doing/have to say, I wouldn’t be doing this. Thanks you for another year of being here with me as I share my story, bring encouragement, & offer you bits of my life.

Goodbye 2017, & to all that you brought. Cheers to 2018! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who wishes you a very safe & happy new year


All product photos taken by Abbey Kay Photo.

Photos of Abbey Kay taken by Red Poppy Photography, Bridgette Wuest Photography (& the one of the 5 balloon), & Abbey Kay’s dad.





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