whole foods new years eve entertaining ideas

It’s almost 2018! It’s time to grab our friends & the dresses that sparkle to get ready to watch the ball drop at midnight. I’ve teamed up with Whole Foods to bring you some food & beverage entertaining ideas to help you ring in the new year & make your party a hit. The menu I’ve put together will wow your guests with uniqueness, & shock you with how simple & easy it is to throw together. Are you ready? Let the countdown begin…

Photo Dec 27, 3 31 23 PM_preview.jpeg

For the NYE spread, I used all of the products featured above & I focused on three different plate ideas & one beverage. I combined similar flavors to make a cheese plate, a savory plate, a dessert plate, & a unique cocktail inspired drink. I even used a few of the items for multiple things. How did I do it? I’m going to walk you through it!


Cheese Plate

Photo Dec 27, 3 32 42 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 30 16 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 27 48 PM_preview.jpeg

Have you ever made a cheese plate before? They are so much fun to put together! All cheese, crackers, meats, fruits, jellies & jams, olives & more are welcome. The possibilities are truly endless & there is no wrong way to put one together. I grabbed some organic multi-grain crackers & mini toasts for my crunch factor. I took two cheese ideas, Babybel’s that I cut into bite size pieces & a gourmet garlic & herb cheese spread to add to the plate. Then for some more flavor I added mini salami slices & a raspberry-pomegranate jam. That’s it! Whole Foods has a great cheese section & even has stuffed brie cheeses made to order & an olive bar to add more unique flavors to your cheese plate.


Savory Plate

Photo Dec 27, 3 31 43 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 36 54 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 38 04 PM_preview.jpeg

The savory plates at parties are probably one of my favorite things to grab from when I attend parties. I love a good salty & baked treat that’s filled with flavor & punch. These artichoke & parmesan swirls from Whole Foods are seriously so good & only take 12 minutes to bake! I’m adding these to the top of my shopping list for my NYE party, they are a must have. So are the next creations I made…savory cheese bites!

Photo Dec 27, 3 29 56 PM_preview.jpeg

So I have to stop & tell you how I made these savory cheese bites! When I was at Whole Foods I picked up these Organic Mini Fillo Shells, that are pre-baked pastry shells. When I saw them I had the idea to use some of them for a savory item & some for a sweet treat. So I took the shells & filled half of them with the garlic & herb cheese spread from the cheese plate, & the other half with the raspberry-pomegranate jam, & then baked them both. And guess what? They turned out great! The cheese ones baked up so nicely & the cheese spread was so good warm with the flakey crust of the pastry. The jam filled ones baked up nicely too & were like mini pies! I loved that I was able to use the same ingredients for multiple plates!

Dessert Plate

Photo Dec 27, 3 32 02 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 29 03 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 38 51 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 43 39 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 42 00 PM_preview.jpeg

If you party until midnight, does that mean you technically party until the next morning? Yes, yes it does. So you have to make sure you feed your guests breakfast too! That’s why these cinnamon-sugar donuts & mini-waffles from Whole Foods are perfect for the dessert plate. I added the same raspberry-pomegranate jam to the top of the mini-waffles after I toasted them. I’m seriously proud of myself for making some ingredients go so far for this party! Add the jam filled pastries that are pie like & you have a well rounded dessert plate!

NYE Beverage

Photo Dec 27, 3 30 59 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 44 38 PM_preview.jpeg

To help ring in the new year I wanted to incorporate a unique kind of alcoholic drink. I’m not a fan of champagne unless it’s paired with OJ, I don’t like basic beers, & I don’t like wine. So if you’re beverage-ing on a budget, these hard apple cider blackberry sangria’s are a great way to feel fancy, but still you. Cheers to that!

Photo Dec 27, 3 55 29 PM_previewPhoto Dec 27, 3 56 38 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 47 44 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 48 55 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 53 24 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 50 33 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 51 18 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 27, 3 49 49 PM_preview.jpeg

So who’s ready to party now? I know I am thanks to Whole Foods! I can’t wait to host a NYE party this weekend & serve my guests these plates! Are you inspired? Still need more ideas? Well, I’ll be on Whole Foods Reno Instagram all day tomorrow doing a takeover with more ideas on how to host the most perfect party to start out the New Year.

Hey, 2018. We see you, & we’re ready to greet you with style & flavor! Happy New Year from Abbey Kay & Whole Foods!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who can’t wait to party into the new year


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