whole foods holiday selection + gift guide

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to be sharing my first partnership post with Whole Foods with all of you guys. Today, I am going to be featuring a variety of holiday treats & drinks you can find at your local Whole Foods & I’ll be talking about some great gifts you can pick up while you grocery shop too. I’ve been sitting on this post for a few weeks now just waiting to hit publish, & I’m so excited that today is the day that it finally goes live! Yay to no more waiting, let’s dive right in.

holiday flavorsPhoto Dec 13, 1 35 18 PM_preview.jpeg

Are you a holiday snacker? Do you love festive flavors? I love December & all the peppermint, chocolate, fig, & cranberry that gets infused into everything we eat! These fun flavors truly do help to make this time of year come more to life! But, if you’re like my family the holiday baking always gets put off until last minute! We tend to eat more homemade treats after the big day than before. So, when you feel like you just can’t wait for those holiday goodies any longer, that’s where Whole Food comes in with their holiday specials! Have you tried their Candy Cane Pretzel Flats? They are the perfect combo between salty & sweet, & the sprinkle of crushed candy canes on top make you feel like you’re at the North Pole. They carry Toffee Popcorn Crunch for all you popcorn lovers out there, & let me tell you, if you haven’t experienced this yet, then you need to. Chocolate covered toffee popcorn will change your life! Any dark chocolate fans out there? They have Dark Chocolate Peppermint cookie sandwiches that are soo good. Best tip: try all three! And since they are all from the brand 365 Everyday Value, you know they are good quality at a low price.

Photo Dec 13, 1 42 01 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 13, 1 41 34 PM_preview.jpegI am obsessed with coffee. I love it, I just do. Cold brew, iced, mocha, latte, any coffee drink you name, I’ll have tried it. And a good coffee drink at home is a must for those days when I work from home, which is pretty much everyday! Whole Foods carries Califia Farms, a plant based beverage company that makes cold brews, juices, & creamers. I picked up the Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew Coffee with Almondmilk to try out this holiday season & it’s amazing. I love the peppermint & mocha flavor combo during the holidays & this drink is my go-to now & I’ll be drinking it all month long. If you’re at my kitchen table for Christmas breakfast this year, I’ll be serving this cold brew drink.

 holiday specials

Photo Dec 13, 12 32 55 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 13, 12 34 03 PM_preview.jpegHave you ever tried a macaron? Not a macaroon with the coconut, but a macaron. It’s a light, sweet, & flaky cookie like treat with a top & bottom, & is usually filled with a jelly or cream. Well, Whole Foods makes them in-house in their bakery! (They also bake all of their bread daily too!). Whole Foods bakery has a lot of fun baked sweets, it honestly looks like a little mom + pop store when you check out their display case. But the macaron is a different kind of dessert that will surely impress your guests this year.  Whether you buy a bunch as the host of a party, a few to gift to a friend, or one just for yourself, you have got to try the cranberry flavored one, it’s just so mmm!

Photo Dec 13, 1 42 23 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 13, 1 43 46 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 13, 1 43 07 PM_preview.jpegPhoto Dec 13, 1 43 26 PM (1)_preview.jpegHoliday drinks are fun & festive, & there’s no doubt about it. But this year I’m putting a twist on the normal Christmas cocktail & am going to give you not one, not two, but three mocktail holiday drinks! Whole Foods sells italian sodas in a tall glass bottle through the Whole Foods brand & I’m going to share a simple way to spice them up. They have flavors like Apple Pear Ginger & Pomegranate, & I was able to try their newest holiday flavor, Fig Cream Soda, directly in the store. Did you know you were allowed to try anything in the store? Because you totally are! The Fig Cream Soda is just the right amount of sweet & literally tastes like the holidays if you could describe it with your taste buds. To make them into mocktails I just added Italian Sparkling Mineral Water from the Whole Foods brand. It makes them bubbly & less sweet, & is a nice way to serve a decent drink for all ages.

holiday gifts

Photo Dec 13, 1 44 12 PM_preview.jpegStocking stuffers are almost always the hardest gifts to find. They have to be simple & small, but somehow still special. Why not give them chocolate? Whole Foods carries Theo chocolate bars that are organic, fare trade, & full of holiday flavor. Nutcracker Brittle & Cranberry Orange are the two flavors I picked up & they were devoured so fast at my house! The Cranberry Orange chocolate bar has actual pieces of real cranberry inside of it & it’s honestly so yummy. My mom makes a homemade cranberry orange holiday bread every year & it really reminds me of it…except this treat is way better because it’s chocolate! At a price of 2/$6, you can even give them out to friends or coworkers.

Photo Dec 13, 12 36 21 PM_preview.jpegDid you know that Whole Foods sells soap? Well, let me introduce you to Good Soap, a line of ethical trade soaps that are sold exclusively at Whole Foods. This soap seriously smells ahh-may-zing! I don’t even want to use them because they smell THAT good. Honestly, I just want to hold onto these scent bars forever so that I can breathe them in, smile, & instantly have a good day! I sound crazy, but you’ll get it once you smell these bad boys for yourself. I bought them as gift, but they’re too good to give away. But since they’re only $2 a piece, I can always go back & buy more! Cucumber, Wild Strawberry, & Blackberry are the ones that I recommend.

holiday extrasPhoto Dec 13, 1 40 40 PM_preview.jpeg

There are so many other things that Whole Foods offers during the holidays. Did you know that you can buy an entire holiday meal? You can call ahead & buy a whole turkey or prime rib dinner to enjoy for the holidays that you don’t even have to cook! They also do custom meat slicing & ordering in their meat & poultry department & will even marinade your meat for you before you pick it up. They make special breads in their bakery during this season & have a bulk section to grab from to make cooking for one or two easy. Pick up gifts like candles, Burt’s Bees products, scarves, beanies, & gloves in their Whole Body department. Make sure to stop by Whole Foods Reno TapRoom to have a bite to eat or a drink before you shop. Or you can even pick something from their Prepared Foods section, like their famous pizza, or items from their warm & cold salad bar, as you finish up your holiday shopping.

Whether you are getting snacks for a party, or just for yourself, gifting some self-care, or preparing an entire meal, Whole Foods has your back & delivers the best this holiday season. I hope you found this guide helpful today! I’ll be over on the Whole Foods Reno Instagram account tomorrow sharing more Whole Foods holiday behind the scenes, so be sure to follow along!

Happy Holidays from Abbey Kay + Whole Foods!


– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who loves the holidays & all the treats


This post is sponsored.  





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