monday morning encouragement: make a sound & let it be heard

I have a beater car. It’s cute & it’s black & boxy & I call it a poor girl’s Range Rover. It works well. It has no blind spots & only a few dents & scratches. I love this car. It’s always clean, it’s pretty reliable, & it’s the perfect size for just me. But, it does have one major downfall…it squeaks. From the moment I start it until the moment it decides to stop, it squeaks. A high pitched, loud, annoying, rattling, squeak. I’ve tried to get it to stop. It doesn’t. I’ve tried sitting in the driveway with the car on until it stops, but it only works sometimes. More often than not I drive with a squeaking car.

So quite honestly, I get stared at a lot. People hear something loud & off, & so they stare. Men who think I’m a girl who is oblivious that there is a problem stare. I get stares from people walking their dog & with their eye’s they tell me how badly I need a new car. I get stares from people in parking lots (this situation is the worst) who again, think I’m just unaware of the sound. But I’m not people, I have ears too. I get told by my grandma when I leave her driveway that my car is still making that funny noise. I get told by my dad that we need to have someone look at it. I get it people, I really do. You hear my car way before you see it, & not in a “I have a really cool motor that I know how to rev it” sort of way. I hear the sound, & by the looks that I receive, I know that it is being heard.

Think about that for a second. A sound being made so loud that it moves people to look up from their daily lives, from their daily movement because of what they heard.

What if something we did or said was that sound?

What if we made our daily lives a sound? What if we made a sound that others heard? It doesn’t have to be annoying like my squeaking car. It just has to be loud & off-setting enough for others to hear, look up, & wonder. Ahh, yes! To wonder what they heard. I so badly want that!

I want my every day’s to be days that are heard. I want my weeks to turn into a story that has a mission, an end goal. I want to wake up & be loud all day long for a cause, for a dream, for something that is great enough to be heard. I don’t want to live my life in silence. I want to be loud & off. I want to get stared at, & be heard. If it means my words are reaching the ears of the listening for the ones who need to be heard, then I want to use my voice to be loud for them.

I want the same for you. What is your passion? What is your dream? What are you trying to say that needs to be heard? You have something to say & I really hope you speak up & choose to be loud.

The world is waiting to be moved to listen. Make a sound & let it be heard.

– abbey kay


*brought to you by a girl who should maybe get a new car but is grateful to have one to begin with






3 responses to “monday morning encouragement: make a sound & let it be heard”

  1. Bill Chance Avatar

    I know a lot of “car people” – but to me a car is a box… I get in at one location, listen to some music, and when I get out, I’m somewhere else.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      I agree! A car is just a car. Thankful that I have one!

  2. Carl Avatar

    All I can say is: I hear ya

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