monday morning encouragement: dream up & on

What’s getting in your way today from doing that something that you love? Is it your own doubt? Is it finances? Is it the creative rut you feel stuck in, or the people around you who say you just can’t do it? Whatever or whoever is stopping you from living out your dream today, I want you to ignore that interruption. I want you to know that your thoughts & dreams have a place in this world. I want you to dream up & on.

Five years ago when I started this whole blogging thing, I didn’t know it what it would turn into to. I had no clue that what I was starting would develop & turn into my dream. I started by posting my silly outfits that I loved wearing, & then sharing them with the world & I never would have thought that it would have become a way that I get to create for a living. I had my own doubts creep up over the years. I’ve had people who mocked what I was doing. I’ve been called not the nicest names. Every time I thought about quitting, a new opportunity came my way & a little voice inside said, “Keep going girl, you got this!”. And so I did.

Now I make my living by taking product photos, working with brands, writing articles, & by teaming up with people in my community. I love what I do! I have a passion for writing my heart & soul into encouraging posts. I feel alive when taking product shots. I am my best me when I am thinking & creating up new ways to take a photo of something that seems so mundane. It makes my heart so happy to support other creatives too. If I had listened to what a few others were saying to me, & not the masses who were supporting me & what I was doing, then I wouldn’t have discovered the truest version of myself. I wouldn’t have known the me who understands herself more because she is living out her dream.

What’s holding you back today? What is standing in your way of starting up that big idea? Well today, I want to encourage you to just start. Make that first step towards your dream right now! You’ll thank yourself later when you’re one day closer to making it happen later on. Write down those ideas. Draw up that design. Get that Instagram handle before it’s gone. Put those few extra pennies into your savings. Create that email for your business. Just take one step today towards your end goal that is your dream. You have the strength to accomplish it. You are smart enough, good enough, creative enough, & unique enough to make it happen.

Dream up & on. Let today be the day you started, not the day you put it off for tomorrow. Do it today.

– abbey kay


*brought to you by the girl who once just had to start too 







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