monday morning encouragement:

Self-doubt. It’s totally the elephant in the room today. At least for me it has been. It’s the reason that I’ve written & re-written what to say about six times already. It’s made me second guess every single idea I’ve thought was good. It made me hit delete, delete, delete on my all of my words that I tried to let come out today. Self-doubt is not making this day look like it has any chance of surviving.

What do you do when self doubt creeps up on you? Do you give into it & throw in the towel? Do you push it aside & persevere? What do you do when that little voice inside says you’re just not good enough?

No matter how you deal with it I just want to let you know that it’s okay. It’s okay if you let it win sometimes, just please remember to conquer it too. It’s okay to let it delay your dreams for a bit, but not for too long. It’s okay if you’re the master of getting past it because you know it’s just not true, but don’t feel like you’re better than anyone who can’t win that race as fast as you can.

You are capable of overcoming self-doubt. You are strong & wise & creative. You can put the lies aside & believe this truth; you are good enough. Everything about you is good enough & you owe it to the world to know this & live it out for the rest of us to see. You owe it to yourself as well. You have made it this far, & even though there is still a ways to go, you can make it my friend.

Turn your self-doubt into self-love because you are worthy of it. You are brave enough to do it, & that, I don’t doubt one bit.
—abbey kay
*brought to you by a girl who is fighting the self-doubt fight right there with you  







3 responses to “monday morning encouragement:”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Thanks for this Abbey. Reading your post really helped make my day.
    When the ‘ol bad boy we call “self doubt” comes knocking at my door, I often wrestle with it. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But it’s an ongoing struggle. And I never give up trying. 🙂

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      That’s awesome Mike. Glad my words could help!

      1. Mike Avatar

        They did! I was feeling a little discouraged earlier today. But after reading your post, it helped reassure me that everything will be okay. We all get discouraged every now and then. But as long as we never give up, we always win! Thanks again!

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