macy’s + levi’s

Fall is my most favorite time of the year. It’s a time of change on so many levels. The colors are vibrant, the weather gets colder, & we switch up our wardrobe to accommodate both. I’m so excited to announce that this fall I’ve teamed up with Macy’s to promote their exclusive Levi’s Wildflower Collection. It’s a limited edition collection of four Levi’s denim pieces with a colorful embroidered floral design. The pieces are so diverse & they fit the theme of fall so well.Lightroomphotos(20of79).jpgLightroomphotos(10of79).jpgLightroomphotos(22of79).jpg

I was able to pick up the embroidered denim jacket from my local Macy’s & I have been getting compliments on it ever since. My favorite thing about this piece is definitely the wildflower design found on the back. The colors are seriously such beautiful hues & add the right touch of detail to an already classic style. The fit of a the jacket is comfortable & roomy too. I absolutely love the wash of the denim, & that it has useable pockets. It’s by far my newest favorite jacket for fall & I’m so happy that it’s so easy to style. Lightroomphotos(37of79).jpgLightroomphotos(30of79).jpgLightroomphotos(48of79).jpgLightroomphotos(54of79).jpgLightroomphotos(52of79).jpg

Wearing this jacket with other items from Levi’s truly made this look seem effortless. It went great with a pair of  721 high-rise skinny jeans in bandit black. I liked how using the two different denim colors off set each other in a perfect balance. I tied the two together by styling it with three different Levi’s tops. The first was the Ada Cotton Striped tee because the colors of the stripes were just simply perfect for fall. The second top was a vintage inspired Love in Levi’s tee & I’m currently obsssed with this type of graphic. And the third tee was a simple Cotton Logo Ringer tee & I loved the vibrancy of this red. Each top was so different, but I liked how they all went with the Wildflower jacket in their own way because of their own focus of style.Lightroomphotos(62of79).jpgLightroomphotos(74of79).jpgLightroomphotos(75of79).jpgLightroomphotos(69of79).jpg

Thanks so much to my rad friend Terra over at Red Poppy Photo for taking these photos & making this outfit come to life. I’m so grateful to have had Macy’s & Levi’s on my side while getting myself & my closet ready for fall. Be sure to check out the Wildflower Collection from Levi’s found exclusively at Macy’s. (Hint, it’s all currently on sale!)
— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who truly does love fall & is obsessed with this denim jacket 






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