monday morning encouragement: it’s revival time

I’ve sat here thinking about what to write for quite some time. I wanted the topic that brought this series back to be something profound. I wanted it to be some sort of word explosion that had everybody at the edge of their seats & begging for more. I’m not sure if I’ll have the right words today to do just that, but I’ll try.

A little over two years ago I started the series “Monday Morning Encouragement” to let people know that they weren’t alone in this struggle we call life. I wanted to share little pieces of my heart with people to help them get through their week, day, or even the next hour ahead. Life can be hard & I think we can all relate to that. But who out there is actually talking about that, & willing to raise their hand, nod their head, or reach out for a hug to say I get what you’re going through & I’ve felt the same way? Well, I am.

I’ve never truly been the positive vibes type person. I know what happiness is, & I know what contentment feels like. But if I really want to be honest, the glory of doom is where I live. I think in sadness, I swim in self doubt, I knock myself down before even taking the first step. I don’t always mind living on this side of life sometimes because I think it gives me true compassion for others who reside here too. It gives me an insight to what people really need in order to get back up & keep going. I know the words to say because they are the same words I have to be willing to tell myself almost daily.

When I started this series just over two years ago I would wake up on Monday mornings & write whatever I felt like I needed to hear that day. I was writing my pure & raw emotion in the moment & turning it into a sometimes uplifting speech. I made it seem like I was writing for others to be encouraged, but I was really writing for myself. The things I wrote were the things I needed to say in the mirror that day. And I soon found out that they were the words that a lot of you were needing to hear too.

A little less than a year ago though, I stopped writing these weekly encouragements for reasons I can’t explain. I kept wanting to bring the series back, but I just truly didn’t have the words in me. I didn’t know what to say, or how to say it, & I didn’t know who was even still around wanting to listen. These thoughts had been in my head on & off the past year. And when I decided I was going to bring the series back a few months ago I kept putting it off. I know I can write, I know that I have words to say, but I was doubting why it mattered that I said them, which isn’t like me at all. So I decided to give myself a launch date, which is today & I had no clue what I was going to write.

As I sat here & wrote the first paragraph for today’s post I decided to go back & read the last MME post I wrote. Here’s what the last line said,

It’s okay to have flat lines in life, just make sure you revive yourself at some point.”

How perfect is that? Encouragement from a year ago that I so badly needed to hear today. This is why I do it, this is why write. Consider this my revival. Consider this my waking the words from the dead. I have been needing a little bit more encouragement lately, & I’m sure you’re feeling the same way .

Welcome back Monday Morning Encouragements, I sure did miss you.

— abbey kay
*brought to you by a girl who has officially been revived  


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