celebrating 5 years of blogging

Last week my blog turned five. FIVE! I have no clue how I’ve been doing this for five years already. It seriously blows me away that I have had this space for that long. It’s been a ton of fun, a lot of hard work, a bunch of great opportunities, & quite a bit of time spent growing & creating all that is this personal blog. I never knew what it would come of it, or where it would lead, or that it would take me on five years of great adventures.

When I thought about what to write for this post to help celebrate this milestone I kept coming back to just how honestly grateful I am for every opportunity I’ve had because of this blog. Mainly, I have all the companies, big & small, to thank for all the collabs, giveaways, reposts, support, & encouragement over the years. So THANK YOU companies. Thank you business owners. Thank you local shop owners. Thank you Instagram accounts. Thank you photographers. Thank you internet strangers who turned into dream-mates. Thank you family & friends. Thank you to every single person who has played a part in this unique journey of mine. Five years is a long time, so thank you.

Here’s to Abbey Kay turning five, many more years to come, expanding this brand, & all of your endless support! Thank you!

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who is celebrating life non-stop 

 Outfit – Old Navy

Flowers – The Stem

Studio – Studio Fourteen 

Styling – Abbey Kay

Cookies – Confection 

Photographer – Bridgette Wuest

Mug – The Created Co. 

Props – Target, The Nest, Natural Selection, Fine Life Co.

Coffee – Global Coffee Co.

Choker – The Golden Choke 

Furniture – Tony Mac’s Furniture 


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