my dad

My dad is truly one of the greatest gifts in my life. He has always been there for me no matter. Whatever I needed, whatever I dreamed for, whatever I’ve wanted to achieve, he’s been there to supply, support, & help in whatever way I’ve needed. He has been an example of true selfless love my entire life & I could never thank him enough.

When my brother’s & I were little my dad used to take Fridays off of work during the winter to take us skiing. He’d get us out of school early, pack us a lunch, have our snow clothes/ski stuff ready, & drive us to our lessons on the mountain. I hated skiing, I wasn’t any good at it. But I love those memories. I love telling that story. I love that I have a dad who sacrificed time & money to give me the opportunity to find out whether or not I even liked skiing. He allowed me to try it. He allowed me to make my own decision about it. And he’s done that with everything in life. He gave us the chance to experience so much, & then let us decide for ourselves how we felt about it.

My grandpa passed away (yes, I’m still talking about this) when my dad was out of town hunting. He was driving home that morning trying to make it to the hospital in time, but he didn’t make it. I’ll never forget the look on my dad’s face when he walked into that hospital room to all of us crying & tears already running down his face. He knew he had passed away because my brother’s called to tell him just before he got there. It made me so sad that my dad didn’t get to say goodbye to the man who was an example to him on how to be a good dad. I’m grateful for my grandpa who taught my dad everything he knows because he then taught my brothers & I everything he learned from him. I wouldn’t have the dad I have without my grandpa being the father-in-law he was to my dad. I’m grateful for both of those men in my life.

Ever since the day my grandpa died, I haven’t fought with my dad. He wasn’t annoying to me anymore. He wasn’t “bugging” me anymore. I saw my dad in a different light after that day. I grieved with my dad. It’s weird how a death of a mutual meaningful loved one can draw people close together. I still miss my grandpa, but I am grateful that his death brought me closer to my dad.

Dad, thank you for all your hugs. Thank you for all the vacations. Thank you for always inviting me to go on a quick trip with you to Home Depot. Thank for the jokes & laughter. Thank you for being an obedient man of God who is so full of wisdom. You’ve made the big days & the little days so special. You proved to me that real men cry, are generous, kind, giving, present, & humble. I love you dad.

Happy Father’s Day! 

—abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who is extremely grateful for the dad she was given 






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