monday morning encouragement: when the good comes, it’s okay to let the bad go

Life is good lately. I feel like I don’t want to believe it, but it’s true. Things have finally turned around. The bad seems distant & I’m unsure how to feel about it. 

When you’ve lived almost an entire year of your life under a dark cloud of sadness & grief, you almost get used to it. It becomes what you know & you adjust to living in it. But when that all changes, what do you do?

If I’m happy does that mean I can’t be sad? If I move on, does that mean I’m forgetting something important? If I smile more than I cry, does that mean I’m finally over my grandpa’s death? 

It’s a hard thing to accept: death. It’s a hard thing to deal with. It changes your life forever. It changes you forever. But it doesn’t have to forever be the thing you live out of.

Because when the good finally comes, it’s okay to let the bad go further & further away. It’s okay to be moving on. It’s okay to be happy again. It is okay to accept the new place that your life is in.

It’s okay, I promise. It really is. 
— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who writes these pieces half the time to remind herself of these things too 





One response to “monday morning encouragement: when the good comes, it’s okay to let the bad go”

  1. Der Krieger des Lichts Avatar
    Der Krieger des Lichts

    Yes, the experience of death can be very hard. But remember that love is a eternal spiritual connection between the souls, that transcends time and space, it is timeless and eternal. The world of the body is absolutely transient, but the Spirit, our essential and True Self, is independent of death. The love that connects you with your grandpa is immortal and infinite alive in your Heart. You can always go to this place within yourself and speak a few words to Him or speak a prayer.

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