monday morning encouragement: girls, support girls

We are the root of our own jealousy. We are the stem of our own self-doubt. We use the poisunous nectar called comparison which makes our beautiful petals fall out. We destroy our selves from the bottom up because we think that we have to be anything other than who we are. 

We are girls.

We think that she is prettier. We think that she is better. We think that our dream is being outshone by what she is accomplishing. We think we are worth nothing.

We are girls.

She’s a better mom. She’s a smarter business woman. She’s a skinnier & healthier & better 21st century human. She’s what the world wants. 

But, she is me.

I am pretty. I have dreams. I am smart. I am healthy & beautiful & kind (too). The world needs me just as much as it needs her & all that she has to offer. Because I have things to offer too. 

Girls, support girls. 

We must. We have to. We can’t keep letting uncertainty drive the way we see ourselves just because we don’t see her when we look in the mirror at our own reflection. 

Because, guess what! You’re not her & you never will be. And that is okay. It’s okay to be you. It’s okay to live out your dream. It’s okay to have your voice. It’s okay to be you, & not her.

Girls, support girls. Support each other’s dreams. Listen to each other’s voices. We’re not in competition. We’re not in comparison. We’re not the same. Support one another & our differences. I know that when we do, we’ll live much happier lives being us than trying to be them. 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who has learned that comparison is the thief of true joy & that no two dreams (or girls) are alike

GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS pin from Daisy Natives


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