monday morning encouragement: there’s those moments…

There’s those moments in life that you look at & you wonder how you got there. Whether it’s a reflection of something good or something bad, life makes you constantly stop & think about what exactly lead you to being where you are. Think about it… How did you get to today? What was your yesterday like? Your last week? Your last month? The past year? What did you live through to get you to right now? 

My past year has been painful. My last month was great. The last week was distant. My yesterday sucked. And today, I have regrets. Small moments make things either fucking beautiful or completely dreadful. 

A kiss in the dark moments before making real eye contact. 

A moment of wrong reaction because you’re hurt too. 

There’s those moments you live for & one’s you wish never existed. There’s those moments that you want to relive & moments you wish you could just do over. 

There’s those moments you can’t change no matter how good or bad they truly were. They happened. They were lived. They existed. They can’t be undone. 

So grow up. Learn from it. If it was a moment that was beautiful, then search for those kind of moments again. If it was one that now seems dreadful, then don’t let a moment like that occur ever again.

I’m all for knowing things happen for a reason. Don’t let those moments pass you without knowing what kind of moment it was & how you should move on from it. 

There’s those moments in life that can’t be taken away. So take from them what you can & move on. Life waits for no one. There’s more moments to be lived, so make them the fucking beautiful kind. 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who’s sure you won’t read this, but if you do know that I’m the one who’s crazy & stupid (& really sorry too) 






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