monday morning encouragement: the end is just the beginning

There’s a thing of beauty to be sought after when something in your life decides it’s time to end. We don’t always see it because we don’t want to admit that it could be anything more than what it seems: sad, a loss, failure, the last of something great.

But what if greatness best grows out of the death of life? What if our true selves are found at utter brokenness & self despair? That my friends, is the birth of true beauty, where the end is just the beginning.

When you find yourself in darkness, know that there is always light just waiting to pour in so that it can out power the dark. Know that the end of one thing is just the beginning of another. 

Take the dark. 

Take the sadness. 

Take the brokenness.

Take the end, & make it a beginning of something great. 

Create beauty out of despair. Learn. Grow. Change if you must, then thrive.

They say all good things must come to an end, but in reality, they’re just the beginning of an even better moment in time that you never dreamed of wanting to live. 

Go there. Let the end be a new beginning. It’s okay to move on. It’s okay to be unsure. It’s okay to even feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Because spoiler, we all feel that way sometimes. 

Today is a fresh start from whatever it is you’re needing to move on or away from. The end is just the beginning, & it’s beginning to look a whole lot better from here on out. 
— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who is ready for a new beginning 


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